Yet another shortage of a critical commodity

Just when we thought we could get a burger and fries this happens.


Fortunately it didn’t cut off the supply of fries to the local burger joint today! I was working on a dirt road off of I15 and someone brought out burgers and fries for the crew because we were all stuck working late tonight.


Didja eva notice a brown french fry @ Micket Dee’s ? Me either…Makes ya go Hmmmmmmmmmmm

“A very common defect of Russet Burbank potatoes is called net necrosis,” Pollan says in the clip. “And you see potatoes with little brown lines sometimes, or spots that comes through it. Well, McDonald’s won’t buy them if your potatoes have that. And the only way to eliminate that is to eliminate an aphid and the only way to do that is with a pesticide called Monitor that is so toxic that the farmers who grow these potatoes in Idaho won’t venture outside into their fields for five days after they spray."

YUM YUM! French Fries are GREAT! Just NOT McDonald’s French fries ! (my opinion only)

potatoes make fries, Get some potatoes!

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When I go to France I ask for American fries.:grinning: