Watch "Coronavirus: Is a Food Crisis Next?" on YouTube . This is interesting side effect.


That’s the problem with supply chains. There is so much stuff in movement from around the world that when one part (origination) stops it takes a while for it to materialize at the consumer level. Which reminds me I need to get a gallon or two of milk and some more taters, eggs and onions.




This is and will be a perverse law of unexpected consequences. The new normal is not going to be just wearing masks, a lot more will come of this. Can’t wait to vote, even if it means dying at the polls! Need to save the country for our grandchildren.


Hard to believe we have laws preventing farmers from selling their good direct and that we have people trying to shut down Farmer’s markets.

I get the gov’t wanting to ensure quality/safety of product but it seems like we could do that without massive processors acting as the “middle man” all the time (large scale sure, maybe eliminate for small scale sales).

All that food going to waste and we have people in our Country who are hungry. Shame.


I hope they’re not millenials, and if they are, I hope they are not representative of their generation.

My wife and I did the best we could. It’s a world they will have to choose to live in. Hope they choose wisely. Because I’ll be expecting excellent care in my 90’s.
You can lead a millennial to the phone but you can’t make them call you!


It is one of the big problems with just in time work of any kind, not to mention not sourcing locally with a backup plan. We built these systems and now we’re seeing failure points.

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What’s even more perverse is we spend billions a year for farmers to not grow anything. Might not want to do that this year.


We have a pretty nice crop of garden vegetables and protein sources. We have really stepped up bartering with other locals, family and church folks.

I don’t envy people in the city or suburbs. You may not need it, but if you’re in one of these areas you’d better at least start thinking of a backup plan.


Here in Southern Florida, the farmers are selling direct to the public as I type this, the line of cars is miles long on some of the farms!
We sold our whole crop from 1 grove already, and the phone is still ringing.
The public loves buying wholesale from the farmers, I hope this is a trend that continues after things get back to normal

Nothing like cutting out the middle man…


Locally here in NC, one of the local chicken producers, Raeford, started selling direct to consumer in bulk at local farmers markets (40# Chicken Breasts/$45). Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about it until they’d already passed through Raleigh. Not sure when they’ll be back through. I do know it takes a couple of months to raise meat birds.