Destroying their crops time to buy food?

watch the video at the bottom?

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Are we gonna convert USCCA Community into another social media portal?
Let’s focus on the things that really matter…

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posted it so those that want to eat later can decide if they should buy more food…

but OK I hear ya… done with this kinda stuff… wont do it again…


Yes. Yes we are. What are you going to do in the meantime? That’s the important question.


Seriously though, I would think a site billing itself as “3 percenter nation” would be more geared towards preparation than Henny Penny sky is falling panic crap.


With most of us here post pubescent to put it mildly, it’s like ammo. If you haven’t prepped by now…well, get on it.
Edit to add, that “food for Patriots” freeze dried stuff is crap. High starch, zero protein. My favorite is Mountain House, but we have some other brands that are decent… Good to have a few months supply, whether it’s shtf time or you’re just low on funds. Don’t forget water filtration and alternate cooking sources.


Run and workout tomorrow, split some more firewood, freeze my nards off in the pool, ‘cuz that’s supposed to be good for ya’ :crazy_face:,Sunday off to the club with a new neighbor, from NYC. Probably explain some of the benefits of prepping to him :+1:, as well as show him the advantages of a long gun. Escaping that city seems like it was a good first step.


What I see here is support for farmers who lost production due to covid.

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Personally, I don’t mind these postings. My wife follows this type of thing seemingly 24/7, and my thought after a few years was “yesterday’s conspiracies are today’s reality.” Better to be prepared than caught by surprise. My gif above was just based on the last bunch of years with my wife :grin:,but it is also nice to have been able to get ready as best as possible for whatever gets thrown our way.