Commentary: COVID-19 lock-down gives Americans a taste of tyranny


I agree and disagree with her.

The only difference in my thinking is that because of current situation which has spread out too quick, we must deal with it fast enough.
I know the Constitution is above the Government but also it is not able to predict everything what can happen in the World.
There is no perfect solution for any situation. Each of us has own priority and thoughts…but…
(there is always “but”)


  • nobody bans the firearms
  • everyone stays home
  • Government gives Employers financial help to cover employees salaries
  • hospitals are equipped with everything as needed

so, everything is as should be…
… there won’t be unnecessary discussion, controversy or debate.

We fight off pandemic and come back to happy life.
Oh… have I just pictured “Perfect World”? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe this current taste of tyranny will cause America to wake up an appreciate the freedoms our Constitution guarantees us,

Best quote from the article. Come November, we will see what lesson America learned.
First task I’d like to give the Government though –stop businesses from outsourcing our jobs! They wish to send a job overseas? Fine, just pay payroll tax on it for 5 years.


The bottom line is that she is correct. But, the ones who are guilty of letting this happen is we- the people. We have let ourselves get so worked up over an illness that is not as dangerous as we were led to believe. We have traded our rights and freedoms for a sense of safety.
We have allowed those who are in no danger of losing their income or jobs to trample on those who are losing their incomes and jobs.
We have allowed our nation to once again dive deeper in debt as if fantasy-money is a substitute for brains and common sense.
If we ever need to take a look at how 24-hour op-eds produced as “news” can destroy our ability to reason; this was it. We no longer know how to seriously think, but we are quite comfortable with being told what to think.


A long long time ago a very young me asked my Dad if all the people not following the newly adopted metric system were going to be in trouble. He told me in the United States when they pass a law the majority don’t like we just ignore it.

It is not the government or tyranny that is keeping us locked down they don’t have that power even if they argue that they do on paper, … it is the uncertainty keeping us inside. There is all kinds of conflicting information going around right now from both sides. On one hand we know that China didn’t lock down because they care for the welfare of their citizens, and we also know that being in a liquor store is not safer than being in a church that they insist must be closed. The heard immunity that Sweden is claiming has come at the cost of 3X the death rate of neighbor Norway. NY health experts put CCP Virus patients in nursing homes with people in the elderly high risk groups… and it goes on and on. Every source of information has to be viewed from the agenda angle of who is providing it. As “We the People” wade through all this information and see what happens to those states who open up early we will find the balance that is appropriate and the government will have to follow or be made to look irrelevant. There is already a lot of push back occuring in the most oppressive states like NY and Michigan. It is a rare day when I say good job to NYC but the video below is how tyrants need to be treated.


But, the only money the government really has is the money they take from citizens by force… :neutral_face:


Government has ONLY money collected through taxation. They are no taken but given. Where do you see force here?
This is how it works all over the World.

@Greg1 you are absolutely correct in your assessment.

Be observant of who is speaking about the event and on what platform they stand.

The news media lives on ratings: They tease us with “new evidence”. They bash the President. They hunt down anyone with sufficient initials after their name to support their cause of bashing the President.

The “Experts” live on numbers: I’m sure Dr.'s Fauchi and Brix are brilliant but they are not Virologists or Rheumatologists they sit behind a desk and crunch numbers. Ergo-they want more testing, they want controlled studies of possible cures/therapeutics that show efficacy. Numbers don’t cure the virus and they have forgotten a golden rule of life. “If it works, it’s not stupid, figure out why later.”

The politicians want your vote: Be it Governor, Senator, Representative or City Council. Every one of them wants to keep their job. It seems that a certain segment want to do that by control while another segment trusts the people that vote for them to understand that it is serious and there are things you need to be doing.

Celebrities want attention to remain relevant: The people that make their living pretending to be someone they are not from the economic and physical security of their multi-million dollar mansions proclaim to us via the news media that we are all going to die and it’s Trump’s fault.

There is no telling what the real truth is out there about this little bug right now. We don’t have enough tests to test the entire country so the testing is irrelevant other than to determine if you have COVID, Influenza or what ever that crap back in October and November was they just continue to skew the end result. The facts that are leaking out of the media by error is that a lot of people had it and didn’t even know, a lot of people recovered with minor symptoms, if you are older and have circulation or respiratory issues YOU ARE AT MORE RISK, I don’t care what your skin color is or age or ethnicity, if you have Diabetes and Hypertension and you catch this bug it may kill you.

FOUR months into this and that last paragraph is ALL we know about this bug.




@Jerzy Try not “giving” them your taxes, and you will see how they take them.

Not to derail the thread, but:

" Three-fifths to two-thirds of the federal budget consists of taking property from one American and giving it to another. Were a private person to do the same thing, we’d call it theft. When government does it, we euphemistically call it income redistribution, but that’s exactly what thieves do - redistribute income. Income redistribution not only betrays the founders’ vision, it’s a sin in the eyes of God.

Walter E. Williams


Eventually money from taxation flows from one person to another. There is no option “not giving taxes”.
Taxes have been paid always, since 3000 BC :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So to be honest I don’t understand when people are angry about paying taxes.
We are in great position in US… I still remember times I gave 48% of my salary for taxes :zipper_mouth_face:

I know we need taxes. But taxes are rarely spent well. And a lot of people think government money is free. It is not, it was taken from someone else. Taxes vs charity: I have a friend who is unemployed, so I buy them $50 of food. vs The government taxing me $50 and my friend getting $15 of food for my $50.

Not trying to start a big political argument, and again, I know we need some taxes. But if you run the numbers, this Covid thing is going to massively balloon our debt. And honestly, I think a lot of people and politicians don’t realize where the government money comes from.

What about this, when is the last time the US actually had a federal budget, instead of constant debt ceiling increases? And I blame both sides for this, not a conservative vs liberal rant.

But, if you don’t even have a budget, how can you sensibly spend money?

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OK. I understand your point now ! And you are right - Government’s money is not free :point_up: I am also upset when my taxes are given to others who actually do nothing, just wait for these money - and this I can call theft (unfortunately “legal theft” :angry: )
Problem and controversy exist whenever money is involved.
What I don’t understand now - why Government allows people to go for unemployment, then pays for it? Doesn’t seem to be easier to give the money directly to these people as salary? Easier, faster and it wouldn’t beat the record of unemployed people in history of US.

I don’t like political discussions, and I’m glad we are not looking to make one :slightly_smiling_face:
There is no perfect solution for anything.
Every situation has 2 ends… and correct answers are somewhere in the middle.


Well, when people work, at least in my state, most jobs take money out of your check for unemployment insurance. Of course now the federal government is giving an extra $600 per week for unemployment above and beyond state benefits for 16 weeks…

I admit, I am confused. In your post above, you said “What I don’t understand now - why Government allows people to go for unemployment, then pays for it? Doesn’t seem to be easier to give the money directly to these people as salary?”

Not following you there.

One of the main things I like about this forum is the ability to discuss and ask questions without all the name calling and screaming that is all over the news. Of course, I think I am right :grinning: but enjoy learning how others think as well.

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My point:
Let’s have hypothetical situation:
my Company has 5 employees. No essential business, no work nor income for Company, so I’m stuck.

  • current option: 5 extra people filing for unemployment
  • my option: Government gives money either to me and I pay my employees or directly them. This way 5 people are still “working” for me and they don’t need to worry about unemployment.

I’ve heard of local politicians using drones & decrees with no regard to the Bill of Rights. We have social media sites curtailing the spread of information that is contrary to the narrative they desire to push on the populace. It’s clear that we are in a precarious place as free men & women. These politicians are reaching for as many rights as they can in the name of safety.
I have been encouraged & surprised by the protests that have been happening across the nation. I hope we can put aside our petty differences to unite against our common enemy (if only briefly).
:thinking: Wouldn’t it be cool if someone organized a mass blackout of YouTube & Facebook? We’ve become too dependent on them anyway!


I believe in the power of lawsuits to correct attitudes at FB and YT.

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I have an odd commentary on the 1st Amendment. The guise of protected political speech used for massive, widespread slander against The Office of the President, no less. There is no right like this. There cannot be protected slander, not from political opposition, not from junkies in the gutter. So, 1A is badly misused, and we can expect it to erode.

I see what you are saying now. But, (correct me if I am wrong) Unemployment is done by the states, not Federal. Most employees pay some money out of their checks to fund the unemployment fund. Is that not what it is for?

Of course, I can see where short term loans or grants might be more beneficial to some companies to keep paying their employees. No perfect answer. My default is usually LESS federal intervention… as their track record for bad decisions is quite “unprecedented”. :grinning:


You just have made it more complicated for me :joy: State or Federal… Should I know it? :wink:

Anyway as a Company owner I’d prefer to keep my employees available for work.
Right now I see everyone loves “money for nothing”.
If one of my Customers wants to give me a project, I don’t have any man power to do start it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Well, at least here in Louisiana, if you are on unemployment and your employer calls you back, you have to work, or you lose unemployment $. I have heard rumors some employees don’t want to go back because they make more on state and the fed $600 per week than they do working…

So far, I worked Monday, and I think I can work Thursday. Maybe you need me for you projects! :grinning: :grinning: