How will a war in Europe affect you 2.0?

Considering Putin’s designs on the Balkans, Hungary and Poland, which he specified in his fiery televised speech, and that attacking these NATO partners would require a defensive combatant response by all NATO members including the USA, how would that change things here in 'merica?


We’re going to need a larger platform and freedom of speech to discuss that topic! Putin found his opportunity, and if I was him, I would take over the world! This would have remained a pipe dream if the unpredictable Trump were in office! Peace through strength!
I could be mistaken and this could be another, “oh, look another squirrel “! The real question remains. What do we do when Brandon surrenders US? Or is that war 3.0?


Simply, more shortages and higher inflation. I have no dog in this fight. I’m more worried about the other invasion. :us:


I believe Russia and China are going to merge to take out the so called, world dominating Imperial policing nation called the United States. The way they see it, it’s not so united anymore! Just one look at all the turncoats that displayed an American flag on their arms and turned their backs on the anthem and the flag when it flew in honor of a win!
Or a knee that was taken! I can’t wait to see them take a knee or disrespect the Chinese or Russian anthem. I would pay to see that.

How about removing all the “white rage” from the most powerful military on the planet! I hope, for our sake, Putin removed all of his white rage from his military!
There’s no unity left. There’s no strength or desire to protect our great nation! Soros may just get what he’s wishing for, an armed gated chalet in the gulag! I hear it’s nice this time of year!


I remember when 4 airplanes were used as weapons against the United States inside of our borders. All of the sudden the American people got focused, united against an enemy that was actually attacking us in our home towns.
First, if NATO actually decides to unify and make an all out attack Russia will be a pretty easy opponent (Nukes ignored here). If it’s just Poland or Poland and Ukraine or something like that it will be a much tougher fight. Now, if they decide to bring it to the shores of The United States, Russia will be significantly changed forever, in short order.

And then that focus was used as an excuse to take away the rights and freedoms of Americans and to enter into endless wars against people who had nothing to do with the attacks while the real attackers were allowed to escape and enjoy many extra years of freedom.

I don’t think Putin is suicidal enough to go against a formal NATO country. Though he is pissed that the US broke their promises to not admit former Soviet Block countries into NATO or place NATO troops and equipment in them. Not saying Putin is a good guy. He is a typical self serving dictator. But there are many short sighted self serving Western actions that have contributed to where we are today. I don’t trust the military industrial complex to keep this conflict within their zone of profitability without getting completely out of control.


Yes, this is a bit of a flaw in your argument :slight_smile:
NATO includes some countries that Russia beat in the past, Russia feeds, Russia warms… Also some countries whose military traditions are such that if they end the war on the same side they started, it means they switched sides twice.
I don’t think they can fight effectively now.


But wouldn’t you love to see Joe and Pete handing out free firearms & ammo to all 'mericans, just like Obama handed out free cars and houses to people who don’t look like I do?


I have to disagree between “white rage Miley” and Brandon spinning in circles, we don’t have the courage any more. Unless Putin becomes a conservative! The only way Putin loses, is if he invokes the Trump name! He may lose if he uses an AR-15 assault rifle, then Pelosi and Schumer will have his butt in a sling and the national guard swiftly sending his a$$ to solitary!


Wouldn’t trust the firearm or the ammo. They’ll be issuing all the “buy back” crap. I’ll stick with my own trusted weapons and ammo!
As far as the neighbors that didn’t believe in the 2A or guns, tough doodoo, let’em take point! I gotta a sign they can carry into battle!

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I feel bad for Europe. NATO is as useless as the UN.


I think I still have a paperback copy of Red Storm Rising somewhere.

He smells fear and has tasted the blood. Don’t underestimate an enemy such as Putin, he’s no Brandon. Trump may have been a lot of things, but he is a New Yorker, take it from me, New Yorkers don’t take a lot of crap! Putin is the 300 and Brandon is the Greek Painter!


Remember how Iran took the crew of US patrol boat prisoners?

This video should be mandatory training material for every Army, Navy, and USAF bootcamp. I hear this nation spent 6 million man-hours for diversity training, could afford a little video.


I don’t share your respect for Trump though I do share your opinion of Biden’s ineptitude. I just believe that NATO does not have the ground forces to resist a Russian attack. Much of our technological advantage relies on GPS satellites that can be easily taken out. Russia has the raw numbers to win a low tech conflict. NATO would most likely be forced to use tactical mushroom makers (We now have an official first use policy) which would force Putin to respond in kind until we reach never ending winter levels. It’s a lose lose scenario but someone sitting safely in a bunker somewhere will be dumb enough to press that first button if it is allowed to get that far.

Total sanctions against all Russian products would likely bring this conflict to a quick resolution but NATO leaders don’t want to face the fallout from millions of angry, cold and hungry people when Russian oil and gas stop flowing. The price you pay for relying on a regional competitor to supply your most important needs.

Which brings us to our situation with China. If Russia gets away with this with only limited economic damage China will take advantage of our weakness and ineptitude and invade Taiwan. The economic ramifications of that will be disastrous for everyone. We are too dependent on that part of the world for most of our vital supplies.


I will add that if the Ukrainians really want to be free they could take care of the Russians on their own, perhaps with a little outside support. A couple hundred thousand soldiers can’t control a population of unwilling and determined millions for very long. That’s why dictators need to rely so heavily on propaganda, censorship and misdirected patriotism. Fear and force have a limited shelf life against people who truly understand and value freedom.

Putin is counting on the Ukrainian masses eventually settling for his corrupt leadership over the corrupt leadership they are currently settling for. We all need to stop settling for corrupt choices.


Honestly? Increased prices, inflation, more supply chain issues. If the use of force spreads to Taiwan, these all get dramatically worse.

Existing disparity at home gets sharper. If Russia’s existing destabilization efforts here pay off, an increase in violence and white nationalism likely backing a play to destroy the republic. Continued targeting of minorities and undesirables would increase to, and perhaps beyond, the levels Russia employs to keep their subjects under heel. An increase in fascist and autocratic rhetoric. Probably more shootings and bombings at synagogues and mosques, and anywhere that doesn’t tow a hard line of rhetoric supporting white and/or christian causes.

People who don’t think they will be disenfranchised will be, and they’ll be pointed right at their fellow Americans to blame, keeping them distracted and easier to manage.

Not a great time.

Welcome to the community @Atomic

“Us” against “them”, divide and concur. It is an old game that nearly everyone on all sides of the spectrum seem to keep getting sucked into. I refuse to play along.


Dude, That is perfect, I can’t stop laughing! :rofl:


So sad to read of reports where some Americans got stranded in the Ukraine after being convinced, “it’s not going to happen.”

The movie Red Dawn became a reality for them.