Yes, It's Another one - 3 Blocks from my place

I can’t say I can actually see this one from my window, it’s 2 block over but I did drive up 3rd East a couple of hours ago right before this happened. Yep things are amiss in the land of Zion.


That Climate Change is really effecting the gun violence there! :grinning:


It must be something in the water due to the melting of the Polar Icecaps. Or that hole in the Ozone Layer.


I don’t know… Perhaps it’s time for @Mike164 to move to Chicago to spend rest of his life in safer place? :thinking: :sweat_smile:


I know this was in jest (at least I hope so). But that’s like telling kids to play on the interstate because it’s safer than playing in the street. But seriously Mike if at all possible you should get out of there. I understand work or whatever, but it sounds like things are getting out of hand there. Maybe a commute from the country wouldn’t be so bad. But I don’t know your situation. Just stay safe brother.


Yea, we’re talking seriously about exactly that. Maybe Panguitch or Myton or Altamont…


Living at Code Orange is not conducive to good physical & mental health.

Be safe!


Actually you have reversed the situation… :no_mouth:
I told kids to play on the street because it’s safer than playing on the interstate… :slightly_smiling_face:


C’mon, you guys need to take these things seriously and know which is actually safer, the street or the Interstate before you send your kids out to play.



Getting serious out there brother.
Went to work @ my job today ( dave and buster’s)
A kind of combo Bar-games and food I use to go around collecting money from the various
‘stations’ mostly Bar areas only to find they got held up last night. (3) Hispanics-(2) handguns
and an SBR. They got a considerable amount of cash (who knows how much really) They surely won’t tell me. A lot by their reaction. Because one of the Guards called out (20)minutes before his shift. So they thought nothing of it and went w/ just one Armed guard (stoopid). Not only did they get the nights take but they took the time
to rob the guests of wallets, watches, phones, jewelry and two guy’s rides --Lexus/ RAM 1500. Not a bad haul I am guessing. They are probably in Mexico by now.
People are seriously pissed. The guard on duty was chowing down on an over priced burger and fries outside in his car facing AWAY from the restaurant (convenient right?). Cops took (42) minutes to respond (glad they didn’t hurt themselves rushing to the scene).
Anyway, on duty manager was fired, guard on duty was fired and the rest of the guy’s (myself included were canned also today). they said "They couldn’t TRUST US after this inside job… talk about closing the barn doors after all the horses were stolen! To say we were all irate about being lumped in w/ criminals is an understatement. No wonder anybody worth their salt doesn’t take these ridiculous bs jobs anymore. I’m good, I’m a shooter, but the place is packed (or was) nightly. I am grateful I didn’t have to go head to head w/ these guys. the most that has happened in this town lately was a drunk w/ a knife. There have been a bunch of house parties gone bad w/ multiple deaths (rival gangs and such) But it is a new ballgame w/ an armed ‘crew’ operating here. Lot’s of cash exchanges hands a huge ATM and from what I heard the safe was unlocked, so they cleaned that out too!. An inside job to say the least. A good haul. I am grateful no patrons got hurt bad. One guy resisted and got a hand gun upside his noggin for his troubles. they will be sued by the guards (at least),then the guests, they asked me to go all in w/ the lawyer retainer and I declined. I don’t like lawyers and suing a job because I got fired just isn’t worth the hassle. You do a chicken sh-- move like cleaning house I don’t want to know you. Whatever.
I’ve had my share of firefights and survived more or less intact. I’m DONE! I am pulling back from society even more now by opening my own vehicle detailing business in my driveway (Armed 24/7).
In this climate it just isn’t worth risking my life anymore. Especially for chump change. I just wanted to stay busy for a couple of years more, but it just isn’t worth it. (3) People get killed for a $3.80 coffee/donut or a $25.00 burger and fries… You can keep Food service, retail, inconvenience stores, Malls. So that’s twice (if you are keeping score) of nefarious run-in’s with a possible negative outcome (for myself). just this past week! That’s enough for me to take a hiatus from the world for a little while.
I’ll restore nice cars from the comfort of home (Armed to the teeth!).
So Gentlemen, Have a care. check 6 and carry and be ready like your life depends on it,
Because it surely does.
“Warriors aren’t trained to retire”


Sounds like a good decision. Good luck with your new venture


I say, apropos of nothing at all, someone should be looking for links back to Soros and Bloomberg!

Just crazy.

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