Another one a few blocks from my place

This one was far enough away that I can’t actually see it from here but I could walk there in less than 5 minutes.
A little bit about that corner. There are always groups of box checkers standing around there. If you walk down there they ask you “Where you from…?” and “Shopping?”. It’s a well know Gang and Drug Dealer hangout.


@Mike164 … so you still live in SLC? :thinking: :scream: :rofl:


I recently made a stop in Lehi, seems like a nice place. I deliberately avoided SLC based on your posts.


Come on Jerzy, Be Nice to me. I’m a bit slow but I’m getting it…


Yea Lehi/Utah County are cool. Pretty calm. I suspect the “Red Neck” nature of that part of the Wasatch Front helps keep the vermin under control.


Lehi has it’s share of Looney Tunes.


I pray for you and yours Brother, actually for ALL of you fine folks.
I NEVER saw this coming. I don’t think anybody did?
I KNEW this Invasion was BAD NEWS, I felt it was going to bite us.
I just didn’t know the extent.
I also felt the Invasion was cartel based/.gov inspired and we’d still have a fight!
But this whole Moslem, Muslim? Potato/Potata thing makes me rethink some
future choices in security and safety.
Like Mike I’'ve got area’s in town I just don’t go.
I rarely cross the Rio Grande now or going into Albuquerque itself.
Especially these day’s.
Albuquerque is now a dangerous place (and this town is not alone)
Many places are worse but being so close to the Border it’s almost Front lines bad.
We have many new faces prowling around on our streets and Cops are almost now non existent.
The cars driving up my dark street (no street lights) nightly alert the sensors a couple of times a night
and when the lights come on the beat feet and thankfully move on.
Security systems are worth every dollar now!

We are on our own.
There is NO Calvary coming around the bend to save us.
I am just really surprised the ABQ. International Balloon Fiesta (which
is almost over) hasn’t been hit! (Thank GOD!)
500,000 more victims to hurt! would have made the headlines around the world!
I can’t wait till these tourists all go home safely.
This town use to be almost fun. Now it is just dangerous.
I am seriously concerned about the future of this once fine country.
I feel that some of us are now TARGETED and I don’t like it very much.
We deserve to be safe in our own Country, City, neighborhood, Street, Home and we are not.
Please be careful, don’t take unnecessary risks, Carry… please (an xtra mag or two it wouldn’t be a bad idea).
GOD be with you all.


There has been a truism I have lived with for most of my life;
When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

You need to be your own first responder, now more than ever.


In my neck of the woods Brother it’s 45min to an Hour unless there is a death involved (violent)
If a family member dies (usually naturally) they say call 311…I’m not kidding. “If you want to know if the
Colorado Rockies baseball farm team is playing or you’ve just had an accident please call 311!”
It’s freakin’ ridiculous.
There just aren’t enough cops to go around now. When times were good here and we had the criminal element/the ‘cast-off’s’ from the LAPD @ least you got a REAL COP! Now you have a nephew of the city councilmen or Sherriff’s niece or second cousin. COPSMANSHIP has really sunk to the bottle sludge of a nasty barrel. And they are as corrupt as phuck! If you get burglarized you call the cops and you get violated a second time!
“You need to be your own first responder, now more than ever”. You speakith Truth right there brother Dale!


Cops don’t prevent crime, they take reports and investigate crime after the fact.


Serve and protect :arrow_right: Observe and report :man_shrugging:t4:

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You Sir also speakith TRUTH.
It’s NOT the Cop’s fault, I just want to say to make my feelings clear.
It’s MAN’s fault.
The quality of Men across the board has been weakened by the deterioration
of progressive/Liberal teachings/Indoctrination
Being a WARRIOR today is an anachronism! Warriors should be put in a box
and only opened in times of trouble and WAR.
They never learned it doesn’t work that way.
You can’t turn a Warrior on and off like a switch.
Warriors are necessary
Always have and always will be.
When/If the SHTF it may be the Old Warriors that bring an
end to the current INSANITY.
Police now say we do NOT ‘Protect and Serve’
When did that change? I never got the Memo.
Take that Phuckin’ slogan off your fenders then!
They say we need to be our own first responders…Yet, they wish to disarm us all…
How the phuck is that suppose to work?
They involve us in every conflict that comes down the pike (as long as they get their 10%).
(That is none of our business by the way!)
We are NOT the world’s Policeman, never should wear that badge!
You get in between two warring factions in a ‘Domestic’ and wind up
being attacked by both parties. It’s happened time and time again.
The World is full of HATE now.
And it is now focused on US!
WE ARE IN THE $HIT! and no one is going to lift a finger to pull us out


In Utah a 15 year old can not legally have a firearm.

Effective 5/3/2023
76-10-509.4. Prohibition of possession of certain weapons by minors.

(1) An individual who is under 18 years old may not possess a handgun.

(2) Except as provided by federal law, an individual who is under 18 years old may not possess the following:

(a) a short barreled rifle;

(b) a short barreled shotgun;

(c) a fully automatic weapon; or

(d) a machinegun firearm attachment.

(3) An individual who violates Subsection (1) is guilty of:

(a) a class B misdemeanor upon the first offense; and

(b) a class A misdemeanor for each subsequent offense.

(4) An individual who violates Subsection (2) is guilty of a third degree felony.

But we will certainly hear about “More Common Sense Gun Laws” to solve this problem. You might also notice the lack of the word “Gang”, the gang unit is referred to but the kids aren’t called “Gang Members” in the article, if you don’t say it you don’t have it?


Did you just take a phunny pill and make that list up?

d) a machinegun firearm attachment? whatdahellis that? a Toaster?
You are not ‘Allowed’ to own a (4) slot Machine Gun toaster!
Nobody needs a (4) slot Toaster!
You just take a (2) slot one out on the balcony and fire it in the air!
You want to go against the .gov Toasters your gonna need more than
a (2) slot Kitchen aid your gonna need an F4 'lectric .gov (8) slot flying toaster…
Does anybody BUY this malarky?


It has always been true.

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