Down Town SLC It Happens Fast Folks

Yesterday, downtown Salt Lake City, R and I were at a prominent mall, where she works. As we walked out of the man doors to the right I see two homeless guys, basically just standing there. As we walked out Homeless Guy #1 throws a baseball sized rock at Homeless Guy #2, it misses and hits the wall about 2 feet from where we were walking. I turned and faced them. About that time #1 yells (I assume) at #2 “I’ll pull a knife on you MFer”. R’s hand went directly in to her purse my hand went to my hip. We backed away and they went on about their business. Scary Stuff Folks,


I love being at home. Glad y’all got out of public unscathed!


Home sweet home.


Glad it worked out for you & you stayed safe. Remember things are getting worse every day. My wife & I was at a very nice area last week when 4 perks decided they wanted to car jack us. I just had opened the door for my wife, got her inside and then a idiot pulled a blade on me, that was stupid on his part because I took is blade away & he was on the ground in pain. The 3 was just a stupid, but they got a smart pill & turned running for the hills. Maybe they were just smart to understand that the blade was no match for the 9 MM.Glad the threat was gone, & we came out of this with firing a shoot.


What I find scary is that no police were called. If you went for your firearm & managed to get to a safer place; make the call…


The cops do absolutely nothing when it comes to these guys. To them, if you reach or for that matter brandish and nobody get’s injured its OK.


It does not matter what the Leo’s do, only what you do.


I find it hard sometimes to know , something i should have done but didn’t hand it just right. Last summer I was in my van and I can up to a man & women fighting on the street. The man was around 6 feet tall, 225 lbs & the women was 5 feet & possible 110 -120 maybe on a good day. And he was beating her down to the ground, she was not much when it came to this fight. All all the traffic was driving by, no one was stopping to help. I wanted to stop & help but then a thought hit me, what if i break up this fight and they both turn on me. Then what?And I had my gun, and what if he has a gun & pulls it out on me, then do I shoot him in self defense. Going to get nasty, & all my good I would try to do my land me in deep trouble just because I tried to be a good guy. Then I had the head trip, why don’t you just stop & try to stop the madness, your supposed to protect others. I made the move to all 911 & report this. But i went on down the road like everyone else, but feeling bad because i didn’t stop to help someone who was sure needing someone to help. And yet we know we should get away from trouble if we can , but that to do is the real question. Getting involved with a 3 rd party can be dangerous. hope I made the right decision on this one. Any one have any idea’s ?


No perfect choice, probably.

Trying to have your cake and eat it too, stop, all 911, report what you are seeing live, don’t physically intervene or close distances, if he sees this and redirects towards you, have it so you can escape.

I know people don’t do this, but, perhaps stop your vehicle where your dash camera has full view of them, and sit there on the phone with 911, in your car, obviously watching maybe even obviously on the phone (choice there hands free vs pick up phone for this)…yeah you might stop traffic and all that but if you’re already on “what if somebody shoots me or I shoot somebody” or depending on severity what if she ends up with pieces of skull removed to relieve pressure, etc) what’s some stopped traffic to get it on video and tell police exactly what’s happening as it happens?

And you’re relatively not at risk in your running in gear vehicle not right on top of them.


Thanks, just feel i should have done more. I’m finding out sometimes its not what we do but what we didn’t do. Thanks take care


Brings up a very good point. When do we dial 911?
Reach toward concealed firearm?
Put hand on waist above Firearm? or Hand in purse on holstered firearm?
Grab shirt but don’t clear it?
Clear firearm but don’t grab it?
Grab it but don’t pull it? or unholster a firearm in a purse?
Pull it but don’t point it at anything?
Pull it and point it with finger off the trigger?
Pull and point finger on the trigger with a target acquired?

All of which are legal in Utah:
(3) This section does not apply to an individual who, reasonably believing the action to be necessary in compliance with Section 76-2-402, with purpose to prevent another’s use of unlawful force:

(a) threatens the use of a dangerous weapon; or

(b) draws or exhibits a dangerous weapon.

To me, I had my hand on my holstered firearm one time, the guy said “OK man we’re cool” and walked off, Then there was the guy trying to get into my condo, he saw a firearm. I didn’t call the police on either, I did however report the attempted break in to our security guards.


Kinda why I like pocket carry. Nothing wrong with having your hand in your pocket…


I would say, anytime you perceived a threat and re/acted in any way that might cause any person witnessing to infer you had a firearm


Reminder: Be the 1st to Call 911


if it should come to that ALWAYS report your actions to the law so the bad guys can’t claim it was unprovoked!!!




You did the right thing. You’re not the cops. A 911 call should have been your response. Say you decided to get involved. What’s your move? Grab him and throw him off of her? As you say, he could have had a gun. So he pulls it and you end up shooting him. You’ve initiated the attack, hard to claim self-defense. She could decide you’re being mean to her boy friend and attack you. Then you have two problems to deal with. Let the authorities deal with it. They have the badge, the cuffs, the spray, the Taser and the training. You don’t.


I can’t believe how much more violence is happening in Salt Lake, both City and County in the past couple of years! I try to avoid cities any more just because the “woke” always seems to flock to populated areas, especially where the leftist loving Mayors are in office!
I’ve also seen more “new arrivals, Invaders” with their backpacks in groups of approx. a dozen fighting aged males looking like they were just dropped off a bus or van not far from SLC International Airport!
Even the relatively Free State of Utah is changing to copy Commiefornia, where my Bride and I sold our beach house, closed my Business and Retired to leave that Socialist garbage behind.
If you are Blessed to live in a Constitutional Carry State like Utah, Never take your Liberties for granted and always be aware, be armed and be safe!


“While no amount of crime is acceptable, in the past year, we’ve seen the city’s strategies and efforts succeed, with marked crime reduction, particularly in the Rio Grande neighborhood. Violent crime in the neighborhood is down…”

Our “leader” are ignoring the facts, it’s like, if they say it isn’t so it isn’t so.

I might add. A high ranking BBB guy took his daughter to this gals shop last fall, later he was on Talk Radio saying “we had to step over a guy and a pile of poop just to get to the front door, this has to be taken care of…”


I am retired from L.A. Sheriff’s department. Now living in South Jordan Utah. My daughter had a husband go bad on her, meth and other issues. My daughter called one day and was upset and crying, saying that her husband had attacked her. I told her to call the police and that I would be over to pick her and the baby up. I was helping her get some things together for staying over at our place when my son-in-law showed up. The police hadn’t arrived yet. My daughter was holding the baby so I positioned myself between them and the idiot. Out of the blue he charged me and regrettably I didn’t just beat the crap out of him. I held him on the floor and told my daughter to call 911 and tell them what was going on. The Taylorsville police arrived and took control of idiot. I badged Officer Bush and told him where I was retired from. Officer Bush asked me to step out of the apartment while he talked to my daughter and idiot. A while later Officer Bush came out and said that I had over stepped my authority and boundaries. I said, “I don’t think so”. That was the extent of our communication! Another Officer showed up and went in to talk to Bush and then came out and asked me what happened. After telling him what happened, he asked, “why is he charging you”? I said I don’t know. He said he would talk to his sergeant about it. I was charged with Felony domestic violence! When I went to court the D.A. talked to me in a small room and asked me what happened. After explaining everything he said, “we will be dropping the charges”. In court he requested that the charges be dropped. The judge said, “are you sure, because these are felonies”? The charges were dropped and knowing the system, I asked that the charges be expunged. I had to justify why I should have them expunged. So sitting in court at the D.A.'s table I wrote out the justification. The charges were expunged from the court and I had to take the paperwork to the police department and B.C.I to get them expunged from their records. Total $250.00 dollars. I was pissed! By the way my daughter corroborated my story. He just believed the guy on meth.
So should you call the police, I don’t know. I have worked with several P.D.'s in Utah so I believe Bush is an oddity. Good luck


You’re right

Except I wouldn’t say he (any of us in the what would you do) initiated an attack.

Though of course a prosecutor might say that

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