Down Town SLC has gone Crazy

This afternoon, downtown Salt Lake City, I was sitting in this chair when a homeless woman came up and asked me if I would rent her an E-Scooter so she could get to her friends house in time to see a movie.
When I politely declined she reached into a bag she was carrying and got that bottle out and set it there next to the trash can 4-5 feet from me and walked off. Look real close you can see that the top has black tape holding it on. I immediately got up and moved, you never know what this thing is or could do.
I’ve come to the conclusion, Down Town Salt Lake City has turned into a
Deluxe Freak Show.



There’s no place like home!


Old timer at the hardware store measured a lawn tractor drive belt wrong the other day. That meant 2 trips on my e-bike. Fortunately Jeff, the owner, was there when I went back, measured the belt and got me the right one. Next visit, I’m trading some belts I have and never used for a chainsaw chain and some wasp spray.
My downtown is still okay :blush:
Still miss Jeff’s dad when he was alive. I’d buy something, he’d say “guess I’ll have to order another one of those” and write it down on a notepad, then charge me an even dollar amount…
Just wish my town was in another state, as far as non-local politics go.