This Morning in Down Town Salt Lake City

We pulled up to this intersection this morning, I was in the right, thru, lane. A car pulled up next to us in the turn lane next to the McDonalds sign. A really fat homeless guy with a shopping cart starts across the road going right to left, he pauses in the Bike lane and starts yelling at the guy in the turn lane. The guy in the turn lane was terrified. Shopping cart guy takes a few steps and gets straight in front of my Jeep and starts yelling “What the Duck you Staring at, Duck You, I’ll Ducking kill you Mother Ducker…” He even called me a “4 Eyed Bitch”. He steps up and hits the hood of my Jeep (just once). R was like “What the hell?”. I wave my hand to indicate Move along. He gives me the mad dog look and shuffles off across the street. In retrospect I felt a bit sorry for the guy, obese, mentaly ill, living outside in 32f and asking for trouble. Around here, if he continues that behavior, he’ll find all the trouble he can handle.


You should move, or write a book.Maybe move, then write the book.
This morning…drank coffee,switched out gas blocks in a gun, watching the birds.Blue Jay’s crack me up…boing boing boing…hopping like they’re on the moon. Big decision coming up…go for a bicycle ride, or head up to the track for run and workout… I’d be in jail or a cemetery if I lived in your neighborhood.


I’m glad you kept yourself composed and was able to judiciously dismiss him being a real threat and continued on with your mission. Someone who acts in this manner has to be “other minded” and not “right minded.” You were able to discern this and continue on your way. Someone that is otherwise looking for an excuse to engage would not have been so discerning nor accommodating. But would probably respond improperly with some potentially illegal actions of their own. Good job. You got to go home in peace and are now a good witness of those events. :muscle: :ok_hand: