Working with Kids

I chaperoned a kids church camp recently. Some volunteers, and camp staff, brought out a portable awning, some tables, and a wide assortment of metal targets. They proceeded to build a quick ride range on the side of the hill. Many of the kids at camp had never even seen a real gun in person. Rifles, was a free-time option. So many kids signed up, not everyone got to do it. These gentlemen furnished some Ruger 10/22’s, a couple of lever guns, a couple of bolt actions and a pump rifle, all in .22 LR. As a chaperone, and father of one of the campers, I went I’ve and thanked them, and watched my kid ring some steel. The “rifle guys” were very professional, covered the safety aspect very thoroughly, and made it fun for the kids. One young man from our cabin was ready to go home the night before. After shooting the rifles for the first time, he was glad he stayed. Even the children’s pastor from our church, who isn’t a “gun guy” gave it a whirl. Now me and him are looking for some free time on the calendar, so I can take him to the range, and shoot some pistols. It was a great reminder of how we, as a 2nd Amendment community, can turn the tide of negative opinions about guns.


One positive experience can change a lot.

Sounds like a great time.


Love that they had this chance!!


Good on you. For the first couple of hundred years of our existence as a nation nearly every home had at least a rifle and shotgun in them and kids grew up learning about them, how to be safe with them, and how to shoot.

As more and more of our population has settled into urban and suburban areas we’re down to about 40% of homes having a legally owned firearm.

Worse, we have literally millions of homes where kids are raised by criminals and close associates of same who have firearms and everything they learn from them is bad.

Add to that the fact that any news relating to fiearms will be bad and highly biased it drives even more kids to believe firearms and those who own them are bad and that they should be avoided.

I’d encourage everyone to take every possible opportunity to mentor kids wherever they can and to do the same with their parents.