Talking to young future gun owners

Today at church after the service I had a great conversation with a young gentlemen (14 or so) about firearms. He knows I’m a veteran so when we were sitting around the table he sits next to me and my girlfriend. “Can I ask you some questions?” Is what he said, and being the type of guy I am I agreed whole heartedly.

He started off by asking about my service in the military and I gave him the rated PG response about what I did. At that point I noticed that he was really wanting to ask me about something else and didn’t know how to come about it. I sat there for a second letting him think and I then told him not to be embarrassed to ask me anything.

At that point he started asking about firearms and the reasons I carry. He wasn’t doing it in a mean way, just a way so he could understand. I at that point said, well we have a few minutes so I explained about protecting myself, loved ones and members of the church. At that point he was excited to learn more.

So, I started telling him how i have learned a lot of new things i didn’t know from the USCCA and about how i train. He really wants me to teach him more and show him how to shoot on my firing range, which I’m happy to do. And the best part is he’s the preacher’s son and the preacher knows me well and will give his permission no problem.


Awesome! The more responsible shooters the better.


Totally agree, gives me hope for our future that young people want to learn more about the 2nd amendment.


Niiice!!! That’s the way to do it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That is great!


Good to hear of younger people wanting to learn. I have learn much Fromm USCCA also!


Well, to the other vets on here this may strike a thread. The preachers son called me a little bit ago to talk about the game plan of teaching him. And after a few minutes he asked the one thing I NEVER like to be asked, had I ever killed anyone. I was silent for a minute and he asked if I was still there? I cleared my throat and proceeded to tell him I was active combat and he should never really ask a veteran that

He apologized and I told him nicely, that I was just letting him know because that’s a part of any vet’s life they really don’t like to think about. I know he didn’t mean anything by it, so I didn’t take offense to it. It’s not like some of these jerks out there that how many confirmed kills you have to your name. If you’ve never served, you don’t quite know about how infuriating that can be.