Please Speak up (Caution, graphic picture)


So I see 151 users here, let’s hear from the folks that are maybe to shy to ask a question, or think it’s a stupid question. We are here to help you on your journey in becoming more educated in general firearms training and safety. So please speak up. There’s no stupid questions. God bless. :sunglasses::us:


Agreed. This isn’t FB.


Thank goodness it’s not Facebook. Case in point, there’s a post about your favorite gun memes. A couple of us started the 1911 vs Glock meme war over there. We had a good laugh, and went on. No body was mad, just entertained. So, everyone, speak up and contribute or ask questions. That I believe is the whole point Dawn invited us all here, and ultimately made it open to the public. So we can have the use of a collective wealth of knowledge and opinions.


While I would love to hear from everyone - one of the awesome things that happens when people even when people don’t post, they learn.

Thanks for being so welcoming of everyone! More will come and seeing this type of request will definitely help those who are the fence about posting feel encouraged to post! :slight_smile:


I would hope that they will ask questions if they aren’t sure on something. I feel that all of us that eat live and breathe guns, are here for them. If they don’t want to post, that’s ok too, I just didn’t want anyone to think that they aren’t qualified to post a question or a concern that they might have. I can’t speak for all of us, but I absolutely welcome all questions, especially for the new shooter that’s just getting going. :sunglasses:


I’m not an expert, but can help anyone that has any question. Also a lot of people (not here) seem to think that their preferences are rock solid facts. I’m biased just like every other gun guy, but I know my preferences are not facts. I love helping people if they have gun questions, I want everyone that can carry legally to carry legally.


Alright, I have a question. I’ll preface my question with a statement. I know that there is a pressure difference between the 5.56 NATO and the .223. That’s why I bought an AR chambered in 5.56. So I can run both. I’m about to buy a .308 bolt rifle. Is there a difference between .308 and 7.62 x 51 NATO?


@Robbie13 .308 is higher pressure, and the expanding rounds you’ll need are primarily chambered in .308.


Thanks, I’ve been looking for an answer for about two weeks!


@Robbie13 No problem. Its backwards from 5.56, and I always get what one has higher pressure confused. Are you starting to hunt? Or do you just want a sweet range bolt gun?

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:clap: :clap: :clap: nicely said everyone! I haven’t seen any bickering, insulting, negativity it general. Sure, there are disagreements because…we’re human. But everything had been respectful. And @Dawn will stomp a fire quickly! Haha. Thank you all, you make the community welcoming.
@45IPAC the 1911 vs glock was entertaining!


I’m planning to start hunting again. I haven’t been since I got shot in a hunting accident 13 years ago. And I also wanted a sweet range gun.:wink:


You got shot? :astonished:. Well I’m glad you’re alive and ready to get back into the saddle. I got hit with bullet fragments at the range once and thought that was bad.

What rifle are you planning on getting? My go to is Tikka. No trigger mods needed and really accurate. I feel you get more than you pay with one. Where do you live/hunt? I’m definently big into hunting, mostly archery though.


I’m looking at the Remington 783. It’s affordably priced, and a good entry level rifle.


Handgun hunting is a thrill. You can get up close and personal with a .357 mag like bow hunters, or, go long range with something like a 460 magnum. I’m wanting a big bore for this years deer season, but they aren’t cheap.

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And, I was shot with a Savage bolt action, chambered in 7 mm Rem mag. It hurt a lot


I hope the pictures don’t violate a policy. I’m sorry if they do.


I don’t think they do - nothing too horrific.

If anyone has an issue, please flag the post and we’ll figure out the best policy for graphic pictures although, this isn’t too graphic. I’ll also ask the rest of the team here their opinion on how to handle injury photos.


I’m really sorry. I don’t mean it to be. I will take them down if anybody has an issue.


Holy s***!! @Robbie13 thankfully you’re ok! I dunno what to say! Sorry you had to experience that. My heart goes out to you bud!

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