Working conceal carry

Ive been licensed and concealed carrying for 2 years. Wear a tucked in dress shirt. I haven’t worn flattering size pants or shirts in such a long time.
I work bent over, bent down, crouched, on my stomach, crawling inside of things, On my back etc etc. I cant figure out how someone carries appendix if they have to bend over even once.
Im a lefty and carry full-size at 10 o’clock( for you righty’s thats 2 o’clock).
Anyone here have success carrying a full-size with a tucked in shirt and work in an active environment?


hey @LyleAllen, how big if your full-size? 5" barrel or less?

I’m also lefty, and I carry at 10 o’clock (still hard for me not to think about it as 2 o’clock).
My handgun has 3.6" barrel and that’s the max I can carry IWB doing my work (sitting is the worst position for CC )
The trick is to have IWB holster with configurable belt clips, which allow to position the handgun high enough that the muzzle doesn’t crush in your thigh.

Check JM4 Tactical Relic IWB Configurable holster, or TuckerGunLeather DC-1. Perhaps you can find it OK for your handgun.


A good option is the urban carry G2 or the newest G3 holster. It’s extreme deep cover. I use the G2 to carry my backup pistol Ruger SR9 (considered full sized). It’s real comfortable and takes a little getting used to but it works.

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i have two students who work HVAC and carry. One had a Glock 19 and the other Sig 226.
They had the same issue. Both are fit and carried appendix.
We got them Sig 365Longs. The slimness of these guns allow them to appendix carry with great mobility. Maybe that would work for you

Placement of carry is key, but the more active and crawling around you are doing the more I like appendix. Side carries become kick-stands which can get frustrating.

I’d love to hear what you settle on and why. Thanks for posting!


Carrying full-size appendix is a challenge in the best circumstances, but bending and crawling on your stomach must make it even harder.

I do carry appendix, but I have a Sig P365. If you are set on carrying your full-size, you may want to try either a different holster or different carry position. If you’re open to trying different guns, you are bound to find a smaller one that is more comfortable to carry - but it is all what you are comfortable with physically and mentally.


I sometimes wear a tucked shirt, but far from an “active” environment. I do end up bending over or sitting down a lot (web developer) and dont have problems.

Have you tried skootching the firearm a little closer or farther to the centerline 12 o’clock? sometimes just a half inch even can make some part of it poke you badly or relieve that pressure.

Couple questions on equipment…

  • Are you using a dedicated appendix holster? Or just an IWB in the appendix position?
  • Is it holster only? or a sidecar with attached mag holder?
  • Which part is poking you? the barrel end? Or is it the end of the slide by the grip? Or is it the grip?
  • How high does the grip sit above the beltline? Just enough room to grab it? or does it sit pretty high?
  • Are you using a “good” gun belt?
  • Does the holster have a sweat guard? high, mid, low, or none?

A dedicated appendix specific holster, in a good gun belt, with padding/foam in the right spots, with the right ride-height/cant is very likely to work when you find the right spot on your belt (for you, 10 o’clock, 11 oclock, etc). But sometimes… it just doesnt. And then you might have to consider all the same aspects, but for a smaller firearm.

Depending on which bit is poking you are you move around, maybe a shorter grip, or maybe a short barrel, or maybe both.


In general, full size primarily provides access to more cartridges without a mag change. Do you really need that many cartridges?

Location is the other thing worth noting. If you can’t carry appendix, have you tried other locations? There are holsters of some kind that would allow you to carry nearly anywhere on your body.

Smaller is always easier.

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I actually spent an arm a leg trying different iwb and appendix. One of them let me return, thank you n82 tactical. I never did find one that actually fit was Safe comfortable and make for an easy draw. N8tactical was the most comfortLe iwb but it was actually the least safe the trigger wasnt guarded in that holster and it literally was caught on my clothes Tugging on my trigger. Safariland, least comfortable easiest draw. But nothing fit supper great. Urban carry G3 easy draw real comfortable but extremely visible in my uniform. Im using a home made one but was wondering if there was something i missed that someone in my position has tried.

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Would a fanny pack be a viable option, then in one of the separate pouches you could carry a flash light or small tools so it is a dual purpose but people would only see it as a tool pouch and thus add to your Grey man ( low profile ) carry. something possibly like this?


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Yeah… we’ve all got a bucket full of failed holsters unfortunately…

It doesn’t sound like you tried a dedicated appendix (AIWB) holster though.

I went to look at n8 tactical’s website and those all look like regular IWB holsters (I see what you mean, some of them have dubious trigger protection).

If I have my names right, Safariland is great for duty holsters, but not known for IWB much less AIWB.

The Urban Carry is a totally different animal. Made for deeeeeeep concealment, you either love it or hate it. Not an AIWB though.

This list is not exhaustive, but have a look at the following websites for a dedicated AIWB holster.

Keepers Concealment
One of the OG appendix holster makers. Spencer Keepers is a “large” fellow and so most of his advice is geared towards that. Do a search on Youtube for his name, he has spoken on various people’s podcasts with a ton of advice on how to find the right fit. In a nutshell, usually a longer slide, with padding, and a wing/claw will work for most people.

JM Custom Kydex
They have a great line of AIWB. I have two “AIWB Holster - Wing Claw 2.0”, one each for a Glock 26 and 43, both of which are longer than the slide at Glock 19 length (this is by design). I emailed them before buying with questions about the options and they were very responsive. The claw and a foam wedge make this very concealable, the kydex is strong and secure. Check if the product you want is available as a “quick ship”, or if you want more customization those generally take a few weeks.

Tier1 Concealed
I found these guys from the Warrior Poet’s youtube channel. I have one of their sidecars for a Glock 19, it is currently my “Corona Carry” :laughing: I don’t yet have years of wear & tear like the JM Custom, but these seem pretty sturdy, fit & finish is very good. The reason you might want a sidecar is the wider frame helps spread the weight and size across your belt, so it looks less like you have a small bump one one side it pushes your whole beltline outwards (I hope that makes sense). So in a lot of cases this larger holster may conceal better, it just depends.

There are many other makers too, I’m sure the rest of the herd can chime in with other options for AIWB. If you decide to continue to try to carry there, you MUST pick a holster that is dedicated to the purpose of AIWB. Sure, you can put any old IWB holster up front, but it wont conceal well and is very likely to be uncomfortable.

I think @Jeff748 has a good point here too. A small toolbag/fannypack might easily conceal a firearm and be hidden behind actual tools for anyone who happens to see inside.


Replying to my own post, with another post I made while back with some other AIWB thoughts in another thread :laughing: Thought it might help though


I’m active for many of my responsibilities. Although I prefer a shoulder holster or OWB when I’m active, when the weather gets warm I go appendix for the concealibility.

For me, my CW45 in a Vedder holster plus added wedge was just a hair too long to easily bend over or sit down without significantly shifting the holster. I now carry a PM45 and usually don’t require adjustment during activity. How deep the firearm/holster sits below your belt line is a consideration for a lot of bending and crouching activities.

Additionally, depending on your body type, you might experiment with wearing your pants/belt up a little. If you’re wearing low riders, it might exacerbate the poking issue.

I love my alien gear shoulder rig for my RIA 1911.

I have had good luck with the Crossbread brand, but have not tried AIWB. My body type just wont allow for it comfortably.

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A good belt and ride height make a big difference. I can carry either a G19 or P365 in a appendix holster. I’m a lefty as well, I carry between 11 and 11:30.

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I have tried it and its uncomfortable for me because I have a belly so I stopped doing that. Its tough and I tried it with my M&P 2.0 4" compact, did not feel good at all. Have you tried 12 oclock and maybe going to another holster. Try it brother.