Womens EDC Gear Help

I’m researching CCW/EDC options for my wife. She carries a G26 in a CCW/ECD style purse. However, with the ongoing violence and societal breakdown occurring across the country, she is now considering another CCW/EDC option that allows for quicker access to her pistol. What are some better (proven) options? We’ve considered the “leggings” option, so if anyone can speak to this (or other options), I would appreciate the guidance. As an aside, she routinely wears scrubs to work.

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My wife also uses a G26. Comfort tech belly band is her normal go to. She also has iwb holster from we the people when she decides to wear a belt with her jeans

@Ron10, there’s some good suggestions in this thread: Womens Conceal Carry options

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I would recommend a belly band, a fanny pack, or IWB or IWB KYDEX holster. I’m not a fan of off body carry because in a purse you can’t access your gun fast enough if you need it. Best way is AIWB. Hopefully you guys understand the acronyms.
Inside the waste band, outside the waste band and appendix inside the waste band. Try them and see how they feel. Hope this helps.

Welcome to the family and god bless you.

I have heard great things about these:

I use a magnetic holster from JM4 Tactical in an assortment of pants. They’re not specifically for women but they work really well. One of the major benefits is when using a public restroom with metal stall walls… The holster is secure within arms reach and no one else sees it under the door.

Let her know it’s like finding the perfect purse. :rofl:


Take a look at the flashbang holster. It’s a bra holster.
Disclaimer: Bought one for my wife at the recommendation of one of the women I work with teaching. My wife is too ample–doesn’t want any more weight up top, even a sig 938.

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My wife uses a belly band when she isn’t wearing regular pants or shorts. Otherwise, she uses the Slim Carry Kydex Holster from The Well Armed Woman. They have many other options and resources as well.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvKaaj6e7Vk Follow on youtube, she shows different ways to conceal for women.

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Thanks to everyone for responding. Unfortunately, too many options have confused her so she refuses to make a decision. I just need a simple top 5 list of most used systems. I’ll try another resource. Thanks and be safe !

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