How do I EDC when I don't wear a belt or jeans?

I want to EDC, but I almost never wear jeans or a belt. Usually draw string pants or elastic waistband. I have the .9mm Shield EZ so it is heavy enough to pull down my loose-fitting pants. Any ideas? TIA! Ann

Bellyband…lots of brands and styles.


Don’t know your basic shape however I’m going to guess you’re female so here’s a couple of ideas. Bra holster, belly band & ankle holster. Each has there own set of issues. Good luck

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Fanny pack


I used to be the same way. A belly band became my edc set up. It’s very comfortable and functional.

I recommend looking into the crossbreed belly band because it has a Kydex shell specifically shaped to your gun so it’s safe.

I am personally not a fan of Fanny pack carry. My belly band is this Comfort Tac from Amazon for $20. I very rarely carry this way, so if this was my norm, I’d move to the crossbreed.

I bought some short I just hang up with a gun belt in my closet and if I ever leave the house I quickly throw those on. I’m more comfortable that way, but the belly band is a really good and practical carry option imho.

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Many options, depending on lifestyle, including off body.


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I carry on my sweatpants. Tie it tight.

Belly band, purse, backpack, fanny pack, shoulder pack, or you can wear a belt.

I live in Socal where I wear shorts for most of the year. I learned that I need to wear belts because none of the other methods work or appeal to me.

One of the women I teach with swears by this.

My son’s former girlfriend has the bra holster… It may not accommodate an EZ very well. It does work well with her Ruger LC9s.

Not being sexist or crude… just a fact… she is well endowed, so that helps hide the pistol.

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Do it with style.

Looper Law Enforcement S&W Shield Flashbang Holster RH

This is the one I got for my girlfriend.


Use the ulti clip

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I’ve been meaning to get an ulti clip holster as well (having trouble finding a good fit to replace the large plastic clip with 2 screws).

There are options.

Bra holster (will perhaps require a different firearm)
Ankle holster

Or, pants with a belt.

The XL accommodates both belt and no belt… that’s what me and my wife use…


They are great

I also got the xl it was a bit hard to open at first but it got better it comes in handy when you work all day amd just want to come home and be comfortable

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I don’t own a pair of jeans but I always carry. Mostly I wear yoga pants or exercise leggings. I carry a Springfield EMP4 and I use a magnet holster. I have one for IWB and one for OWB. I’ve used them for years and LOVE THEM. I also have them for my bigger Springfield XDM OSP as well.
I use Magjic and JM4 Tactical - both good holsters.