Wish List!


What’s on your wish list? Can be anything!!!

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Are you talking guns, gear, training, @Jeffrey

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My #1 is an excellent fixed blade carry knife!!! Which I may find at the Expo!


Body armor, John Wick’s Glock in John Wick 2, the Sig Sauer Tread, and any Kimber! This is just a few things.


I didn’t even know I needed this until the 10mm discussion came up! P220 10mm Stainless with Rosewood grips. Actually, my wish list truly only consists of a quality Damascus knife, torn between a folder or a smaller fixed blade


That’s a sweet Sig! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

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I feel that way about a lot of guns and gear I’m hearing about throughout the Community, @Shepherd!


I listed a bunch of self defense items, but this list is for anything wished for.


HK USP 45 is at the top of the list for now.


I’ve wanted a FN five-seven for a few years now. A friend of mine let me put a few hundred rounds through his and I’ve wanted one ever since.


.338 Lapua… I saw an Army sniper that was using that as his weapon system. On the list, but not practical for me at the moment.


I would like to get a FN as well, just don’t know what model yet.


Still good for the wish list!!!


Thinking FN-9c!!!


Geo Metro (getting this weekend if all works out)

ATN Thor LT 3x6 (getting in a couple months, have a downpayment on it already)

Mid Sized home Freeze Drying machine (waiting a year or so till the price drops another $1000 or so)

Full mobile kitchen for trailer project (waiting on sales to buy the cooking surfaces)

More Solar systems, battery banks, and such.

Body Armor (to be determined what kind)


That would be a nice one


@Orpackrat has a plan for his wishlist. Maybe i should start planning instead of just wishing!

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I have many things on a wish list but many are outside my means presently so these are my achievable ones that can happen in the next year or so.

It’s better to have wish list items and actually get them than to simply wish all the time and not get any.

Even small wishes are better than none or never actually getting any achieved.


Wish list? A brown bag of $20s would do! I was talking with a friend today about what I might like to buy. nothing stood out. I would like a lever action rifle, probably a .22lr.

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