Wisconsin Carry Starts #2ATuesday

The USCCA’s headquarters is in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. And we’re watching the latest Red Flag law developments in our home state (Evers, Wisconsin Democrats introduce red flag law) as well as the other pro-2A developments as well.

Wisconsin Carry was involved in the T-shirt lawsuit against a Wisconsin Principal last year. (We talk about it here: What would you do: Student T-shirt issues. )

Now Wisconsin Carry is starting a new movement targeted at teens and young adults. Check out what they’re up to here:

Changing the view of firearms and self-defense with the next generation can help balance the gun discussions.

What is your favorite Pro-2A t-shirt or sign?

Appropriate photos welcome.


Grunt Style Angelfire Ammunition

When I saw it, I had to get it.

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This isn’t the touchy feely sort. But maybe it qualifies


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While I’ve convinced myself that any firearms or 2nd Amendment related window decals on my vehicle are unnecessary or perhaps even legally unwise, I will continue to enjoy wearing 2nd Amendment themed clothing out in public.

Here’s one of my latest acquisitions:

:laughing: appreciating the shirt @Albert_J but I’m thinking it’s not quite the positive gun message dawn was looking for :laughing:

Well, my intent was noble anyway. My nephew told me that my new shirt was "sick as ", which I think is synonymous with “hella cool”.

My nephew and some of his associates enjoy calling themselves “skater punks” when people inquire as to what social group they might adhere to. This extremely liberal (and perhaps mildly criminal) age bracket of kids in their mid-teenage years might not be the desired or targeted demographic of this 2nd Amendment teen and young adult outreach program

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@Albert_J I’m good with your intent… and my hubby would relish wearing that shirt I think.

I’d have agreed with you on the generation thing but… the linked article makes really good points and speaks to the power of indoctrination. If we don’t get engagement with your nephew’s generation, I think we have a problem I’m not sure we can fix.


That’s gorgeous, @Albert_J! I may have to get that one!

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