Sanctuary County in Wisconsin!


Can you confirm this?


How did you know I had Sanctuary Counties on the topic calendar for tomorrow evening? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the first I’m hearing about Florence County. I’ll do some double checking and let you know what I find.


From the above article:

Florence County’s Board Chair, Jeanette Bomberg said she has heard no opposition to the resolution from members of Florence County.

"What this means is we listen to our residents and we feel very strongly in the right to bear arms, the Second Amendment,” she said.

This resolution will now be sent to the state capitol.
"This is what we should do is send a message to Madison, and it’s going to be out to the other counties in the state of Wisconsin and you know they can do the same thing if they want,” said Sheriff Miller.

Here’s a copy of the resolution they’re sending to the WI state capitol.

I haven’t seen any other articles confirming this, @Spence. I’ll be watching the news here for more information!


I love the way this is shaping up. Use their own weapons against them. Brilliant!


Shawano Co.heard loud and clear, already putting out feelers.

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