"Funny" Shirts?


An instructor candidate was wearing this shirt at our training this weekend. It wasn’t a special order or specially made just for him. It’s readily available on Grunt Style’s website.

It made me pause and I, of course, had to bring up the legal aspect of the shirt. He knew the legal aspect and was willing to take the risk.

Knowing the numerous possible pitfalls of being a responsibly armed American, where do you personally draw the line on different “risks”?

Please don’t list any illegal/possibly construed as illegal behavior.

I know it might be used against me, but I would:

  • Wear sarcastic, funny and/or gun shirts
  • Modify my firearm
  • Make logical statements about self-defense on social media
  • Have stickers/window clings/welcome mats that show that I am pro-2A
  • Other (please elaborate in the comments)

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At some point we still have to be ourselves. I will wear sarcastic shirts, shirts with hunting/fishing and pro-gun statements, I’m actually looking at modifying my gun (sight upgrades), and I see zero issue with logical statements about self defense on social media.

Logical being something like “In this situation I would head for the nearest exit and do what I can to avoid an encounter” or “I would cross the street to avoid such individuals and do everything in my power to avoid them.” I don’t consider something like “Mozambique that sucker” to be “logical”.


I won’t wear or encourage others to wear clothing that carries with it a message that could at some point be used against myself or them.

If you’re going to carry you really need to be the most bland, nondescript, plain vanilla person you can be in public and keep in mind, everything we do online is very public and exists forever on storage servers somewhere.

At the same time I’m outspoken on 2nd Amendment Rights, carry rights etc but always using caution not to appear like someone looking for an excuse to shoot someone or as to appear at all unhinged.


:white_check_mark: post and discuss on USCCA community
:white_check_mark: discuss firearms and CC concepts with people
:white_check_mark: discuss 2A, laws, infringement issues
:white_check_mark: wear “shoot like a girl” clothing, hats


Only on Social Media, and this is the ONLY account I have. No Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other. I enjoy the banter and sharing here, and here only.


I try not to say or write anything that can be used against me should that bad day happen, hopefully it never does, that I have to deploy my firearm.
I do have the T-Shirts that say things like; “I’m Ammosexual” or “iPac” “I shoot every fifth anti gunner and the fourth one just made me mad” or “Don’t say anything about my owning a gun and I won’t say how stupid you are for not owning one”, but I never wear them in public.


To the bolded, you probably should consider burning that one. :laughing:

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@Dawn, how about carrying that Trump MAGA 1911? Is that asking for it?


I’m not carrying it. I’ll look at it a lot though.

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