Will you comply if ARs are banned?

It seems inevitable that someday ARs and other scary military style semi-autos will be declared illegal and/or taxed like NFA items. It seems as close as another crazy, known-wolf that authorities failed to deal with or report to the NICS, like Parkland, or Aurora, or Southerland Springs, or Virginia Tech, etc, etc. Crazies well known to authorities who never seem to get reported to the NICS, so what’s a politico to do? Ban ARs to protect our schools, of course.

One of the rationales for the 2nd Amendment is to preserve the ability of individuals to resist tyrannical government.

I have 2 ARs and an M1 carbine in my safe. The question is: If/When government bans them or demands NFA-like registration/tax, will you comply?

The gun collection efforts of the UK, France and Australia are often cited as evidence that people who own military style firearms will voluntarily turn them in.


I don’t think that day is even close and this isn’t the U.K. France, Australia or New Zeeland.
I hope to pass mine on to a likeminded much younger person before I’m gone. :us:


Not inevitable at all. The number of firearms of that description in the US is staggering. As loud as some people screech about their use in an infinitesimally small number of the nation’s annual violent crimes, enough people in the majority of states know better.

BTW: What the heck is a “military style” firearm?


In my view, the day is near, but the logistics are staggering, 20 million ARs, nobody knows how many AKs or M1 variants, or even things like a Ruger semi-auto. I think Congress would do what it always does and delegate to executive branch administrative agencies, like the ATF, to define what Congress meant to include in “military style firearms” rather than stand up and have the political courage to do it itself. That puts us at the whim and agenda of some DC bureaucrat.

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How near. Would you like to make a wager on it?

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Heard of the “boiling frog” story/metaphor? Creativity could know no boundaries. Grand-father clauses?

For me, no brainer, not worth the trouble, do the right thing. Gotta know my limitations and count my blessings. Don’t envy anyone who loses part of their rights. We all live in the same “house”. If “everyone” make sacrifices and we can still CCW, they “have my ear”.

I swore an oath to protect the constitution against enemies foreign or DOMESTIC.I did not swear an oath to protect government d bags.Try to take anything firearm related from me.


I will modify the question. You live an honest life, then one day they declare you a criminal. Not necessarily because you own prohibited property, lets say for the sake of argument, because you are a Jew. Would you agree with the declaration? Maybe noone calls you criminal, but you are required to pay $200 and display yellow patch on your clothes?


This is more than a modification


I am exaggerating a bit, no one forces anyone into Auschwits-like camp


Bad choice of words. Your M-1 is not “military-style”, it is/was a military arm, but they are not seeking to ban that one. Neither are they seeking to ban the 1911, another former military arm. “Gun control” is not about safety, at least not ours.

I will be like our “Liberal” friends here and state, as I do not own any, go ahead and ban them, they really are not needed… Now reality kicked in and I reminded myself that our Natural/Inalienable Rights are not about needs. As they are natural/inalienable, laws cannot take what was not “granted/given”, we were born with these rights.


We all lose rights with “gun control”. What you are saying, though, is that if a particular firearm is banned that you don’t own, too bad for the rest, I got mine. Wait until you are on that side of the fence. This is why we stick together.


Liberals have 2 gradations for rifles: “weapons of war” and “weapons not allowed even in war”.


The “big brains” we elect (or appoint) to office for life decide what is scary and what is a military style firearm. They also decide what will be banned or taxed into oblivion. This is about politics, pure and simple. But the reality of the future we face is when your local sheriff/cop shows up at your door demanding that your surrender your AR and whining “Sorry, the law is the law. I’m just doing my job.” what are you prepared to do?

As I stated, I do not own any of those. Neither would “they” know what firearms I own, unless “they” illegally obtained the records from the FFLs I purchased from. Even then, the list would not be complete, as not all of my firearms were obtained through FFLs.

They can make laws, true. Just like our drug laws, good luck with compliance. NYS did that after the “SAFE Act”, expecting over one million firearms to be registered or turned in. Last I heard, the number of registered arms was about 75,000. NYS does not know who owns them, so have not been able to do anything about it.

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So, when you call to report something to law enforcement (a burglary, a loud party, a traffic accident, etc), and the responding officer sees your AR in your home (or even a box of 556 ammo laying around) and asks “Do you have a tax stamp for that newly defined NFA item?” how should you react? Will you have duly registered it when the “big brains” in DC defined as an NFA item like machine guns, will you turn it over to law enforcement, will you destroy it, will you hide it and hope it is never found?

I already told you twice now. I do not own an AR-platform rifle. I do not own any rifles.

They promised vaxx teams to show up and encourage people. Am waiting to this day.
So, hard to tell when. This is not Australia, like other folks noted, cop(singular) is a non starter, you are talking swat team. Considering no other police emergencies, how many confiscations can they process nationally, a 100? Will 100 000 000 gun owners (likely underestimated), a million days is 2700 years. Maybe my math is wrong, and it is only 500 years to confiscate all rifles. I’ll start worrying in 400 years about rifle owners (I don’t own any and will never own such scary object)


Geez, man. Before achieving Inquisitor level on the forum, one must achieve Trusted level.


What AR type firearms do you own, Mark?