Why we need to Carry some kind of Protection

Man sitting in his car getting ready to leave has no idea he is being watched and about to have carjacker come up to him to steal his ride refuses to give up the keys and get out of the car gets stabbed several times in the arm and after he tries to get out of the car the guy stabs him in the leg. Carjacker gets in car ready to go NOT the guy took the keys as he was getting out all.

This is why I decide for my family and me to start carrying and exercising our 2nd Amendment Rights. This is happening in broad daylight in a busy business area lots of traffic. Criminals have no regard to anybody or anything. this whole thing took less than 1 minute Thank God the victim was able to get away and smart enough to take the keys with him. I hope he has a quick recovery and they catch this criminal

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That’s crazy. Just walk up and stick the guy, like 4 times. I live in a less than stellar area, I DO NOT sit in my car with the windows down, Ever. If I’m sitting in my car waiting for some thing I’m like an owl, my head is spinning around, in many cases I’ll have Kimberly in hand… I do all of that because I see videos like this.


Situational awareness, all the time.
Call me paranoid. I don’t care.


Prevention in every situation… or situational awareness… whatever we call it, plus pepper spray. Firearm may be hard to use in car.

Be paranoid and be prepared. If not… even pepper spray may not help…


& gel pepper spray is a good thing, practice firearm handling in a vehicle ( unloaded & somewhere safe). know your limits on both.