Video of a crime

Okay everyone, so for situational awareness what are we looking for? How would you react and how different would you do things?


Well the first thing is to notice that neither person seems to be in a parking lane. If I messed up, and someone else, with super tinted windows is right next to me? Nah, I’m either getting through the passenger side door, whether or not I can see occupant inside of the other car. I mean once the ambush starts, you have to survive that, try to get distance-even though you’re stuck between two car doors-try to hide behind an engine block, and draw your weapon ASAP, preferably while on the move. Return fire accurately and maintain situational awareness. In that situation I would just assume the whole car was armed, and that I needed to be prepared to up to, about 5 people. Compliance doesn’t always win!


Yeah I think his fatal mistake was freezing. But he probably wasn’t armed. This also gives us a reason why off body carry is not a good choice. I would of kept moving to the other cars in the parking lot and get behind them.


That’s true. I also noticed, the victim seemed to be digging in a separate bag, around his neck; rather than trying to take it off. I mean, in the moment, who knows if he had the wherewithal to do that. Maybe if he got that 2nd bag off, he wouldnt have gotten shot… but that’s hard to say.

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Well being robbed 3 times at a gas station… I froze up the minute the robber acted as if he drawn a gun in his pocket. Very hard to fight that response.


I stay aware of my surroundings, cutting through cars to get to mine only when I can see nobody is in the car. I do not care if it is an old lady or a young teenager. I park my car strategically, as well as, any place I go. It is a shame that we can not feel safe in our daily lives.