What would you do? GAS STATION STORY TIME!

I decided to go to the car wash this morning, headed over in the middle of trying to clean my car I had to go pee, so I went to the closest speedway, and when I pull up I notice 2 people talking.

While getting out of the car I notice one of them reaching for something under their shirt and keeping it there, once I made a way around my vehicle keeping an eye on him, he let go of whatever it was.

I wanted to speak to him and tell him that that can be viewed as assault and the best defensive position to get in is behind the car, not out in the open.

They left before I came back out, and I had my bleeding control kit in my passenger seat.

The worst thing to do is to look for any confrontation if you actually don’t know what that person was doing…
Perhaps he wanted to correct his ostomy appliance or insulin pump?
Reaching for something doesn’t mean reaching for firearm.

“What would you do?”
Nothing else than pay attention to surroundings.


Don’t think putting a hand under your shirt is considered assault in most places. You would probably be risking significant legal jeopardy if you reacted to that action as if you were in imminent threat of assault and used force in return. I certainly wouldn’t have asked him what he was doing let alone give him a lecture on the legal definition of assault. Can’t imagine how that conversation could possibly go well.

If he was actually placing his hand on a firearm under his shirt while acting as you described then he most likely identified you as a serious threat. I know if someone pulled up and started intently watching me I would go on high alert. I wouldn’t put my hand on my pistol but I’d be getting ready to at a moments notice.


That could be a terrible mistake, first, it’s summer time, mosquitoes are everywhere maybe he was paying attention to a bug bite. Second, if it was a weapon and he put his hand on it in what you describe as an uncomfortable casual encounter I doubt he’d be open to any education or advice. Best to leave it alone and go on your merry way.


If it looks wrong then it is wrong. Holding your pee is the best option. But thats just me.


Really…speak to him… What the hell are you even thinking. Got his hand in his shirt, my God how is this a danger? Stop looking for trouble, it’ll find you soon enough…


I feel its better to imagine a threat and be wrong than to convince yourself theres not and be wrong!


I’ve seen training techniques that tell you to put your hand on your gun, while leaving the shirt over the gun and hand.

If somebody has their hand on their weapon as you exit a vehicle, are you going to take that as a threat or no?

but without confronting real or imaginary threat.


Depends if my x-ray vision is working. Hate those lead holsters.


Beat me to it. I unconsciously do this lately.

I would elevate to condition orange—or, maintain condition orange since I’m pretty much like that when getting out of the car.


I say kudos to @Forensic_Wow for being situationally aware.

I also say this was a win because 1) he did nothing wrong, 2) no one got hurt, and 3) he came to knowledgeable others to debrief and learn from the encounter.

I personally didn’t see what he saw, but from the description I cannot definitively say what the other guy was doing.

Also, assuming the other guy was reaching for his gun, it very well may be that he is a legal concealed carry holder. If so, we’re on the same team.


Could be thinking,
“That guy getting out of his car looks suspicious.”

And reacted accordingly (perhaps, inappropriately)