Which Glock to choose?


I am wondering what would be a good choice for the Glock. I am thinking about the G45 or the G19 g5. I have held them both and I am not sure which one I would want for my next Glock. which would someone recommend especially for the EDC.

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Have you shot both of them, @Rob71? I think that would be a great way to help you narrow down which one to get! :slight_smile:

You’ll get a lot of feedback about Glocks here from others - I’m sure they’ll have some other points to consider.

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Glock 19 all day everyday

As far as glocks go

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Here are a few Glock blog articles we’ve done over the years - not sure how old this first one is :innocent::

And for a slightly different comparison:


Honestly, you’re gonna have to shoot both. I have decent sized hands and I feel crowded on a 19, but that’s my carry. I do have a 19X, which has almost identical measurements to the 45, and I think that combination of short slide and full sized grip shoots like a dream. However, your mileage may vary.


Exactly right! I own one and love it! But that is my opinion!

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I love my new Gen 5 G19 so far. I also really like my SIG P320 X Compact and P365 for carry as well. The P365 is still what I carry most often though. It is just so easy to carry concealed while also having a good capacity (I run the 12-round magazines).


The good news is you can have more than one gun crush and the guns don’t even mind. :revolving_hearts:


@Zee - Why hate on different guns when you can just get one (or more) of each!


I have a Gen 0 Glock 23 and a Gen 4 G19. I’ve also owned the G26 and G36. I’m a big fan of either the G23 or G19, but if at all possible, you should shoot both (or everything in your short list) to see how it fits in your hand and if there are problems with recoil.
Just my $0.02 worth


I carry a G19 every day. I have not put many rounds through the g45 to be comfortable carrying yet. It’s all about muscle memory for me. The 19 is nice and compact. My G19X is quickly becoming my favorite of all my Glocks.
Bottom line is You should shoot them both, if you have not already. Most Glocks shoot the same, but ofcourse they do have very slight differences. U need to figure out what feels right for you. The things you know are: no matter which model you get, it will shoot tight. Very accurate, but hand fit and feel is what your looking for. Needs to feel comfortable and natural. Other than that, you cant go wrong with any of them. Though I am EXTREMELY biased.


I have three different sizes in the 9mm caliber. Each has their place regarding what my required level of concealment is for the day. My G45 is my favorite one. I’m wearing it now in the 12 o’clock IWB position.