G19 vs G45 Shootability?

I own a 19x. I love the gun. I’m probably going to pick up a new glock this year. I’m debating between the G45 or the g19. Both would take all my 19x mags and fit my current holster.

Here is my question, does the 45 really shoot much different than the g19? It’s not that much extra polymer or grip… BUT I love how the 19x shoots so I know I’d be happy with the 45.


What is the question about? :thinking:

Stupid answer would be - “The difference is 1 G”…but I’m guessing you are looking for something different… :wink:


I have an old 19. Have not shot a 45 but have shot my neighbors new 17 a couple of times. They both felt and shot very similar for me despite the different grip and barrel lengths. YMMV


Fixed it! My brain is totally fried right now, so it’s astonishing I was able to write any thought at all.

I will elaborate though and make it even harder to understand me. The G45 has a reputation for being an amazing shooter which I know to be true. However, the only difference between the 19 and g45 is a small bit of polymer. So is the difference really there… or is it just in people’s heads? Is it a more comfortable grip on the 45 that allows for easier follow up shots? Is the weight of the last bit of polymer really what balances the gun out? Could a 19 with an extended mag shoot the exact same?

It sounds like a silly question, but if you look up 19 vs 45 you will see many people favor the 45 for its shootability.


@Scoutbob , if you value a non Glock person opinion… here you have my 2 cents.

I’ve been trying to have a better relationship with G Family recently and I’ve been focusing on both models: G19, G45.
I shot them almost side by side (one day difference) at the same Range, using the same targets.

First of all - both handguns suck :joy: OK… I’m kidding, They just sits bad in my hand I cannot shoot them accurately.

But, regarding your question. I personally felt better with G19. The grip length was perfect for my hand and all 3 fingers got good support.
G45 (I assume this also would apply to G19X) stuck out too much and actually it bothered me be during shooting.
Did that deference affected my shootability? Somehow yes. Even my shooting was bad with both I got more pleasure with shooting G19.

But I think everything is about which model sits better in hands.
If you are OK with G19X you may be good with G45.

Just remember - G19X is just a bit heavier and slimmer than G45. It can be either good or bad for you


Also a non-Glock person, but I’ve shot a few over the years.

IIRC, the hump location is different on the FS, C, and SC grips. It might be noticeable to you, or it might not. Best to handle one, or even better rent it.


If you remember, I was complaining about the sights being off when I first bought my 19X…. :sweat_smile:. It wasn’t the sights! Grip angle was my struggle. I am not spoiled by good triggers. I like the glock gen 5 trigger over the M&P trigger. I really like it now, which is why I’d like another one for HD and back up carry…


Yeap, I remember a lot of good posts we shared about your conversion from M&P to Glock. :ok_hand:
Good for you ! I’m happy, you found Glock to be a good tool for you.
I’m still trying. So far the only model that I can accept is G48. Definitely I’m not gonna buy one, but fortunately my Range has it and I can do unlimited rentals for free. :muscle:

I’m wondering what are you going to do with your choice between G19 and G45. :thinking:


A G45 with a G19 slide. Oh my bad, that’s a G19X😉


Leaning twards 45. I’m tired of buying different mags for guns. Though the gen 5 mags are not compatible with the 19x, all my current mags will work with the 45. Plus the 19x mags can easily be picked out because of their color.

I also don’t have a problem concealing the 19X. I don’t foresee a 19 being physically more comfortable to carry other than maybe weight. I could see something like the 48 or 43X being more comfortable, BUT I would like to not have to juggle more holsters and mags.

I like carrying the 19x, so chances are this is I’ll become a nightstand gun. I’d be tempted to get a 17 except I would also like it to function as a back up carry gun.

I have a feeling I’ll be happy either way though.

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:point_up: not exactly… you won’t be able to use it as a necklace. :yum:

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Shoot, you’re right. The lanyard loop is my favorite feature!


Keychain :rofl:
(And yes, I own one😎)


I own both and have been faithfully carrying the G45 for an extended period of time. To me, there is a significant difference favoring the G45. It balances much better and just generally handles better. My opinions based from significant usage. Just for reference, my primary G45 has approximately 10k through it, including multiple intensive classes. I’ve had even more time behind a 19 over the years, both gen 4 and 5.


I’m leaning towards the G45. I really love my 19x, and I would like to stay committed to the platform from here on out.




Oh yeah!
Glock 45X…

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