Where on the USCCA Reciprocity Map....?

I was checking the reciprocity map and noticed that I do not see information about what ammunition may be prohibited from state to state. Why is this? For example: In Pennsylvania hollow points are legal, but in New Jersey I’ve been warned to not get caught transporting them across New Jersey. Doesn’t matter if they’re in the weapon or not. I realize that there is no reciprocity between PA and NJ but it is legal to transport the firearm and ammunition separately if I am headed to let’s say Vermont where PA has reciprocity. So I would need to separate the ammunition and the firearm to transport but if I have prohibited ammunition I’d still be in hot water if I were stopped along the journey. Also, I’d have no idea if the state I’m travelling to allows the ammunition I choose to carry despite having reciprocity. I cannot be the only one to bring this up. It would be better to have that as part of the reciprocity information when checking the map. Even if it is only a link to the state in questions website describing their laws on what is allowed vs prohibited. I plan on taking a trip and going just over the border into NY to deliver some goods and I’d rather have my firearm with me. I realize I will have to lock it and the ammunition away for transportation while I am on the NY side but I want to be sure that the ammo I have will not cause a stir if the vehicle were to be searched by law enforcement after let’s say a car accident or a traffic stop.

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It is in the Reciprocity Map, @MICHAEL479. Here’s the NJ Ammunition Restrictions:

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It’s in the first table section of the page, New Jersey Gun Laws at a Glance in the table titled Carry Basics. There is so much information included in the Reciprocity Map, and while it’s organized well, sometimes it’s hard to find the exact information you’re looking for. I use the control + F function to do a quick Find search.

Does that work or is there more you were looking for?

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Yes that does cover it. Not sure how I missed this the first time through. We can delete this thread if necessary.

LOL! There’s a TON of information on those pages, @MICHAEL479, it’s a bit overwhelming at times.

I’m going to leave the thread up, but change the name in case anyone else is having a hard time finding information on the map. And in case we might be missing something on the map.


Just a quick note to say thank you for these pages. I enjoyed reading all of the updates on the NC page. We’re pretty lucky compared to many other states. It is really helpful to have one place to look and find facts.

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