Where Does USCCA Stand In Racial Attack Cases Like This?

With the current racial atmosphere in our nation…with major corporations supporting the criminals, the media praising them, Left-Extremist Politicians financing them and ANY push back by the victim (for being White) for truth, facts and real justice will put you, your livelihood, your entire family, your home…and EVEN YOUR LIFE IN SERIOUS DANGER…WHERE DOES USCCA STAND?

Watch this video and listen to the commentator as he outlines what, why and how this came about…(Note: there was NO HATE CRIME charged for either video incident)…

Warning: Graphic Content. ~Dawn

Where would USCCA be if these victims were armed members and used deadly force to stop the racial assault?
Knowing todays environment with its false narratives on race, that if USCCA defends a member, especially if that member is a White male or Police Officer, and has to use deadly force against a black attacker/rioter/looter/protester… and the VERY GREAT POSSIBILITY that USCCA will then be blasted in the Mass Media as a racist, bigoted company for defending the White person…will probably have your employees attacked, offices fire bombed and will basically become a target by the true racists organizations…WHERE WILL USCCA STAND?

This is very important to me as a paid member (and am sure it is for many other members here).
I am finding other organizations I am involved with are “throwing the White people (victims) under the bus” at an ALARMING RATE…due to their fear of national reprisal if they defend them…

I am hardly naive, so please do not give the song and dance of “Truth and Justice for All”…that is NON-EXISTENT in the current environment.
USCCA is STILL a “for profit business” and your publicly known reputation IS your ONLY commodity. We all know in today’s reversed racist social insanity, USCCA’s position on race cases like this can very likely make or destroy your existence.

So, be honest and be truthful of where you will stand.
Hopefully, you can provide us with a guarantee and the promise you will be there if and when we may need you most and not cave to the fake political correct social injustice we are living with today!


Really sad; I could not believe that. Like the commentator said even if he used the N word there’s no reason to beat him down like that. Let the manager know if that was the case.

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The video does not play.

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It just played for me. No problem.

I’ll not say much since I’m not in a position to answer the question.

But yup, they hide from the light/truth and pick on the very old, very young, and weak.

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Can’t wait to hear this answer. Video played fine and was clear as day. Hope the answer is just as clear. I’m about to renew membership. An unprovoked attack w/ disparity of force allows me to consider deadly force.
P.S. Fantastic question!

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That was a hard video to watch. I hope you get an answer but I can probably answer it for you

Maybe. If you have to defend yourself with deadly force, follow the instructions on the back of your USCCA card and it will be evaluated by the Crisis Management Team


I get nothing in the space where the video is supposed to be. Complete blank, nothing clickable.

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The intent of the USCCA Membership is to assist our members with their self-defense education and training, and with their legal protection after a physical self-defense incident.

As a member of the USCCA, if you have a physical self-defense incident, please call 911, and then call the USCCA. The Critical Response Team will arrange for an attorney to get in contact with you as soon as possible after the physical self-defense incident.

Every case is evaluated to ensure it is a self-defense situation. USCCA Memberships cannot assist with charges that are not self-defense related.

The USCCA is and always has been an organization for all responsibly armed Americans to come together. We support the US Constitution and believe that all men and women are created equal and deserve equal treatment under the law.


I’m surprised seeing this topic question.
Thx @Dawn explained it clearly.
It doesn’t matter if that was racial or not. If you proceed according to rules and law and your actions are justified - you know USCCA is here for you.
It’s nothing less or more than you see on the paperwork signed as paid member.

I realize this video is very emotional… but (and I say it: UNFORTUNATELY) we cannot follow the emotions… we do what we have to do to protect, but remember - do not be attacker no matter what.


That is NOT what I asked…I actually politely asked to NOT answer with that same old song and dance “Justice for ALL”…cut and paste advertisement of USCCA.
That advertisement slogan would have been perfectly okay…5 or 10 years ago…but TODAY, a more indepth assurance is needed since our very own Justice System is under FULL ATTACK by the left socialist and racial bias organizations.
You know as well as EVERYONE who is watching what is happening in our nation right now…that Justice IS NOT BEING PROVIDED FOR ALL ANYMORE.

George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin is the most obvious of all self-defense cases. Mr. Zimmerman was found to be completely legal in his rights to self defense…BUT, the lying left and their lying media puppets, black community constant lies, threats and physical attacks, politician and celebrity liars, the race baiting of Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump and EVEN Trayvons own Mother pressured our Constitutional Justice System into turning their backs on one of its American citizens (a Hispanic man), turn their backs on the very law(s) that protected Zimmerman and forced him to spend months in jail, stand trial, have his entire life destroyed, have millions of OPEN THREATS on his life…all to be found TOTALLY IN THE RIGHT FOR WHAT HE WAS FORCED INTO HAVING TO DO TO BEGIN WITH!
He is STILL a hunted man by the very ones who used illegal force that changed our justice system to fit their lying agenda!

The Criminals are defended as the Victims, The Victims are accused to be the Problem and the Police are now accused to be the Criminals!


The scenario would be cut and dry self-defense…A White Member is in a public location, minding his/her own business…and is ATTACKED by any one of the current white or black thugs running loose on our streets now…BUT, especially if the attacker is black because THAT IS the race in our current society that is overwhelmingly committing the surprise racial attacks on innocent people of a different color skin and then using threats of rioting, looting and murder to dare our justice system to hold them accountable and punish them as our law(s) state.

I want to know…for MY dollars invested in to and for USCCA’s services…a guarantee that I AM NOT going to be “thrown to the Social Justice Wolves” for having to defending myself with deadly force against those who are currently being protected by severely biased DA’s, Prosecutors, Politicians and the lying media.
I need the piece of mind I paid for…that the integrity of our TRUE Constitutional Justice System will not be ignored or infringed on by USCCA due to the criminal pressures that will come from the national spotlight to destroy that very system.

IF it is ANY possibility at all…that the USCCA may cave to social injustice and allow me or my wife to be thrown to the wolves WITHOUT the defense representation that is stated…My checkbook AND I need to know this!

This video is yet MORE SOLID EVIDENCE that White skin color has put a TARGET on our backs in public…and we need to know we CAN defend ourselves and WILL have USCCA there to DEFEND US enlight of what WILL take place after we have been forced to do so to stay alive!

Warning: Graphic Content. ~Dawn


@Mel2 - You got the answer I would always expect to get to that kind of question. You can’t cook the books to get the answer you are looking for. It’s not a “song and dance.” It’s not an “advertisement.”

Please take a step back, review the community guidelines, review what USCCA is and stands for, and then determine if your question was properly answered.


All I can say at this point, is these videos are getting worse every second. I almost puked at that one and I lived through the Reginald Denny video. It’s obvious if he shot to protect himself he would lose in court!
“He should have avoided the area”!
Unfortunately he’s probably scarred for life as am I.
If you disagree with that statement then you have to agree with @Mel2.
The most unfortunate thing about the state of the Union, is we are on our own.


Perhaps it was better to ask if today’s situation (unrest, riots) can be considered as a part of:

USCCA Membership Agreement
… … … 6. War
(2) Warlike action by a military force, including action in hindering or defending against an actual or expected attack, by any government, sovereign or other authority using military personnel or other agents;
(3) Insurrection, rebellion, revolution, usurped power, or action taken by governmental authority in hindering or defending against any of these


The Protection Plan exists to provide USCCA members with benefits in the event of a self-defense incident. Application of the Protection Plan to a self-defense incident is determined based on the facts and circumstances of each individual matter.

Whether there is a riot, protest, or other circumstances that exist, the USCCA will examine each individual fact scenario, whatever those facts may be, and apply the terms and conditions of the Protection Plan to those facts to determine the availability of benefits.


Then the real question that needs to be answered is.
Are we in the middle of an undeclared or civil war?


That last video was 3 White teenage boys (I believe the original report said two 14 year olds and a 13 year old?) who were attacked while standing in line to a movie theater last weekend in Cleveland Ohio? (I think it said)

When one of the other movies let out, it contained the large mass of blacks…who promptly began attacking the Whites coming and going from the theater. There were several more blacks waiting for the next movie showing …who joined in on the racial attacks. The one 14 year old (one beaten on bench) is apparently on life support now…and Mainstream Media refuses to report this.


We HAVE BEEN in an undeclared “Racial War” since Barack Hussein Obama and Eric “Black Panther Terrorist” Holder were appointed into 2 of our highest offices in the nation!


While true, and @Dawn is correct, we are all equal under the law, and have equal rights, and race has no bearing… Communists, Fascists, Leftists come in all colors…

We see a problem in the news.

Paul Howard, Fulton County DA, who is under ethics charges, investigations for other issues, and is up for re-election, and LIED by claiming Brooks was not a threat and was totally peaceful and calm shows what politically charged, politically correct, racist prosecutions can be.
Police officers are charged, and in this case, the video clearly shows the officers were polite, and Brooks was polite, until they arrested him and tried to put handcuffs on. Brooks was on probation, and we do not know if perhaps he was concerned about going back to prison, but he did fight the officers, punched one, took a Taser, and ran… (all considered Resisting Arrest, Assault), and then he turned and aimed the Taser at the police.

It may not be the end result we all would hope for, but it was a justifiable shooting.

Now, if I understand the question, which is full of anger, it is that if a member is in a self defense situation, and the attacker is of a different race, and the member is forced to draw their firearm and use it, and the attacker is killed, in today’s climate, you will perhaps be charged with First Degree Murder and face life or the death penalty, and will USCCA stand beside the member.
I think the question is answered by the fact that if you follow the law, and it was a justifiable self defense shooting, the USCCA will stand with you, but I see the concern of the original question.

We have a rule of law, but it is ignored many times for political expediency and for prosecuting based on political correctness.


VERY CLOSE…But still “No Cigar”! And that is only because the answer you gave it is not from the “Powers That Be” at the company that is accepting the money for their services outlined.

As an example (and yes I know it’s not a self defense issue…but)…
San Diego Power & Electric…a VERY WELL KNOWN MAJOR SUPPORTER AND PROVIDER of Equal Opportunity Employment! For decades they financially supported, aired thousands of ads and promotionals stating how they NEVER DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANYONE!
Last week…SDP & G terminated a man for making a White Supremacist gang sign…:ok_hand:…at Blacks in a BLM protest.
The man said he was just popping his knuckles and has no idea what they are talking about. The BLM aholes contacted the mans employer…SDP & G and the man was promptly FIRED for being a White racist.

Here’s the problem…this man…HE IS A FREAKIN MEXICAN…HE IS NOT EVEN WHITE!

But he still lost his job because of the political correct BS AND threats from the Blacks of BLM.

I want to know…if and when this happens with USCCA and a member caught up in todays social injustice racial crap…IS USCCA GONNA RUN OR ARE THEY GONNA STAND AND FIGHT AGAINST THE BARRAGE OF VIOLENCE THAT IS SURE TO COME THEIR WAY FOR THE REAL JUSTICE FOR THEIR MEMBERS.

USCCA is still a business…and being “In Business” is for making Profits. Conceived “Bad” publicity DESTROYS profits.
I just want to know…if USCCA is going to RISK THEIR FINANCIAL THROATS GETTING CUT while rightfully defending just ONE member…OR like 99.999999999% of corporate America, are they going to throw that member to the racial idiots running our justice system today and turn their backs on that member?



The powers that be, have already spelled it out. Simply read the service agreement.

Regarding the firing, he has a lawsuit.

Far too many companies seek to pander to terrorists and leftist Communist Fascist groups like BLM and Antifa. Far too many companies want to deny Free Speech (Pepsi and others seek to have Conservatives banned from social media)… but, firing someone for political reasons should lead to lawsuits with significant damages awarded to teach the companies it is not profitable to punish those who have different opinions…

‘Bad’ publicity and calls for a boycott helped Chick-Fil-A expand and grow… hundreds of thousands of people went more often and others started…

Now, the ‘bad’ publicity is Dan Cathy, bowing and scraping, humiliating himself… to basically lick the boot of a black man. He was ‘polishing’ his shoes…

I do not accept the idea of ‘white privilege’, it is a political construct to force you to be guilty of something you did not do, and does not allow for any possible defense, all based on skin color.

We are all equal, but that does not mean we have equal results. So, it depends on what you call ‘bad’ publicity, and it depends on if the company wants business or not.

Remember, Target lost between 8-12 Billion because of their bathroom decision. The CEO said that was no problem… I wonder how many stockholders who lost money thought it was no problem.

So, if you do not want to read the service agreement, call USCCA and ask.