What's the best holster for wearing to sleep?

Only because pending legislation may require sleeping with my sidearm, to keep it “safe” from children.

Senator Dick Blumenthal and other crazed leftists in Congress have just unveiled S.190/H.R. 748, which will likely force you to store your firearms in a gun safe 24-hours a day in most situations – or face criminal charges!

This bill is a dream come true to home invaders bent on robbery, rape, and murder as it makes it all but impossible for you to fight back against them in your own home.


I see that the text of the bill isn’t yet available at congress.gov. It’s been 17 days since it was introduced.

“Bills are generally sent to the Library of Congress from GPO, the Government Publishing Office, a day or two after they are introduced on the floor of the House or Senate. Delays can occur when there are a large number of bills to prepare or when a very large bill has to be printed.”

It all depends on how active your body is when you sleep, I myself as I get older find that my best option is a hand gun safe on the night stand next to my bed to open it all it needs is my finger prints and there is my gun with one in the chamber. Now when I went camping and slept in a sleeping bag I use my Tommygunpack that put my gun at where my hands could easily get it, this is what worked for me, my suggestion is try different set up and when you find one that seems to work for you then train with it so if you have to draw your gun it will be like second nature, stay alert and don’t get hurt.


I’m not advocating for breaking the law.
But, how are they going to enforce that?

Will Big Brother tuck me in too?


I would recommend a biometric/RFID safe over wearing a holster to bed. This would allow you immediate access to your gun if necessary.


Yes, the biometric safe works really well. Bought two small microwave size ones. I even bought one for a single.

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I bought them for my Nerf guns. I don’t have any real guns.

Edit: corrected spell corrects stupid correct of “bird” to “Neef”.

Unless you have very large microwave (ovens), you just outed yourself. My bird guns won’t fit in a microwave. As it is, I might just duct-tape a holster to my thigh. I have “rough hands”. The fingerprint reader on the timeclock at my workplace needs to keep “re-scanning” my fingerprints, as they change(?) with the texture of my hands. A BioMetric safe won’t reliably open for me…


Sorry to hear about your boating accident. :wink:


A RFID would work off of either a card or jewelry to open the safe.

And work as well as hotel RFID room keys? LOL Sometimes right after replacing one of those, I have to go back to the front desk and get a new one, as the replacement failed to work, too. No, not ready for that tech on a firearm safe, much less on a firearm.


Well you see Nerf guns are better because they float. So I’m good now.

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There are safes that have four buttons and you just press them in a certain sequence to open them. That way no biometric or RFID failure issues. But you have to remember the sequence under duress.


Perfect example of a 4 button safe for quick access at the front door.

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RFID and biometric systems work well…when they work, that is. They rely on batteries. Have you ever had a battery powered anything that failed? Murphy’s law applies to home defense as well. Would you jump from an airplane using a battery powered parachute?

I’d recommend a pistol safe, securely bolted to something, with finger grooves that work like a combination lock. But if you truly want to sleep armed, how about a “belly band” holster? They fit snugly and semi-securely even under your PJ’s.

As to how the pending legislation would be enforced, that would be during the homicide investigation of how the child got his or her hands on the gun in the first place.

Personally, if it’s not on me or in my immediate control, all firearms are locked in one of four secure, expensive, safes. My kids are grown, and when the grand-kiddos visit, it’s either on me, or locked up.

Security of your firearms is no place to go cheap!

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I’d say rule “0” of the four basic firearms Safety rules, is; “All guns are always loaded. Always!” With that out there, there is no room for a gun safe on my tractor, in the pickup cab, in the front closet…

and no, I don’t place trust in a battery operated anything.


I use an elastic IWB Velcro /. Nylon type holster made by a company called “ Renegade Gear”. Every night I pack my Springfield XDE 9mm on my hip with the safety on and go to sleep.

The waist band is wide enough and the holster well is a square cut section that permits the firearm to nestle deep enough to not permit the trigger to engage.

The reason I can sleep with mine with ease came from (2) combat tours in Iraq. I had to learn how.

I still have some serious concerns about it, but at this point in time with everything that seems to continually be occurring I’m on the highest alert levels since my last tour or retirement. 2020 & the current mindset of the idiots doing what they’re doing in communities has me sleeping with a 9mm again.

Disclaimer annotated: CAUTION / WARNING

“If you’re not completely trained or sure how to sleep with a firearm … , PLEASE DO NOT DO IT ! It can , or might cost you your life!”

Another reason I do, do it is because I have young children in my home. I keep easy access for me & keep them completely away from it. I don’t trust thumb print / or RFID key fobs. Regular keys too noisy, and if someone invades it only takes them seconds to spread across the house quickly if there’s a team doing it.

Anyone that’s been trained will confirm this with MOUT Training ( clearing rooms).

Be safe and use your own discretion. What works for me may not be appropriate for you or your circumstances.

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If you don’t roll and you sleep on your back or belly, blackhawk serpa paddle.

A Fort Knox handgun safe is a great choice for the bedside. It uses push-button combinations that you can set. No electronics to blow when the SHTF, no RFID to reprogram, no keys to lose and no dial combination to blow when the stakes are high. And, it’s US-Made.


I don’t have any kids, but I do have a Bluetooth enabled Vaultek Slider safe with the quick access button. If I have company over I can log into the app and disable the button so then the only was in is the pin code. They also make a biometric version of the quick access button.