What's the best holster for wearing to sleep?

I believe we may need to get Mike Lindell in on a think tank type deal…

The “My Holster” by “My Pillow”
:point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:That’s mine.


Maybe one of those, if I had a smartphone. (NOT!)

'cept for the night I dreamed I was eating straw-bales. Woke up, and my pillow was gone…


Cautions noted. Reckon I’ll have to practice for a while, first.

Just want to be clear.

My previous post was a joke, and a good one too.

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Don’t think anyone got confused on that one @Craig9 :grin:

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Good one. Better work on a patent for that Craig9🤪

My eyes are tired.
I thought I read What’s the best lobster for wearing to sleep
A lobster would probably be more comfortable :rofl:

How would any government agent know how you store your firearm? They won’t. What do you now, leave unattended loaded guns around now the house?

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Recommend a gun safe in in a nightstand. They make biometric, RFID, and combo lock versions. All are effective with practice, and safer than leaving guns unsecured.

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Case in point

I have no children around so if I actually had one, I would just put it in the drawer of my night stand in one of those magnetic holsters that hold it where I might think about reaching for it. In the morning if I had one, I would move it to a safe …

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