What's REALLY Happening in Washington DC

There have been a number of threads over the past year referencing “martial law.” Most try to refer to clauses in the Constitution. A few refer to actual US Code (the REAL code of federal laws). Some have entirely made up references to either the Constitution or federal law, such as “military code 11.3” from the Q-sphere.

But we all see a bit of what is happening NOW in Washington DC and we know it doesn’t look right, it doesn’t feel normal, and something is very odd about it. Well, the following is a summary from a retired US Army Colonel with decades of combat arms command staff experience and multiple combat and special operations deployments. It was shared with me today:

When the SECDEF approved the request for National Guard troops for Washington, D.C., the Task Force that was created is under the control of the Adjutant General of Washington. He is under the command of the Mayor of Washington, D.C. because the Task Force was not federalized. That means that they are serving under Title 32 instead of Title 10 and they have law enforcement authority. Congress has the legal responsibility for the government of Washington, D.C. (The nominal government is really fictional as Congress has administratively created it so that they don’t have to do the job.) At any time, Congress can administratively withdraw that authority. This means that effectively, DoD has legally GIVEN 2 divisions worth of troops to Congress and that DoD and the President are not in their chain of command (DoD can withdraw them though). Legally, Washington, D.C. is under martial law with Congress in command. The diagram below shows the chain of command. The dotted lines are called coordination lines and are not chain of command. Note that the source of this diagram is the National Guard Bureau and that the date is 2007. All of this was brought to you courtesy of the Patriot Act.

I’ve attached the graphic explaining this type of command structure from the National Guard Bureau, 2007. It’s still in effect. It is being used right now in Washington DC. For the record, I have consistently opposed the Patriot Act (both iterations). But this is what a majority of Americans have consistently voted for since 9/11/2001. So I’m going to say it: I TOLD YOU SO!

DC National Guard Chain of Command for 2021 Deployment