Whats legal in CA? SBR v braced pistol v AR pistol

with so many laws in CA i need help verifying what is and isn’t allowed here.
I understand the “sbr” is not even an option here, so any braced pistol wouldn’t be either unless the ATF rule injunction gets nationalized?

  1. AR pistols (with or without arm brace), i heard recently at a store that they are only allowed if they are single shot and still require to open the breech to replace the mag?

  2. pistol braces for the glock, e.g recover tactical, Micro Roni, IMI Defense KIDON, EMA/CAA Tactical RONI G1, B&T USW-G17, Flux Defense G17 Brace–Since the ATF rule injunction is not applicable to CA, any of the above with an arm wrap brace would still be not allowed, ??


Welcome to the family brother @Matthew329 and you are blessed to be here.


In CA?

A revolver? A Gen 3 Glock with 10 round capacity and probably no mods if you want to carry it?



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Pretty much anything ARish is illegal in CA unless you get a specially modified for CA model. It is indeed very confusing. It usually involves options without pistol grips and/or with “bullet button” (need a tool to release) magazine releases. I don’t know if there are any short barrel AR style pistols legal in CA.

If I was stuck with CA options for semi auto rifles I would probably look at a Ruger mini 14, Keltec SU16 (one of the CA legal versions) or the newish Keltec RDB if you want a shorter package. It is a bullpup but has the funky non pistol style grip.

I believe any injunctions to the ATF pistol brace ruling wouldn’t apply to CA laws. Perhaps if SCOTUS rules pistol braces are legal CA would eventually be forced to comply but I suspect SCOTUS isn’t going to turn out quite as pro 2A when it comes to AR style rifles/pistols as many people believe they might be. And I see CA resisting to comply even if SCOTUS ruled that ARs, braced pistols and/or SBRs are protected by the 2A.


I agree Brother Shamrock.
Welcome brother Matthew329 !
I will keep my comments about your state to myself.
I already got ‘flagged’ once this month :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:But
experience tells me you should expand your protective capabilities
with the (3) MMM’s: Muskets, Machete’s and Maga (Krav)
Turn the tables on the attackers and take their weapons and end them!
… seriously though man, you can’t go wrong with the basic’s.
a (6)or (8) round wheel gun (Lg. caliber)
a Winchester/Rossi rifle ( .357/.44 mag)
a (10) round Glock/XD/Tisas etc.
a decent opinion I have is make your rifle and handgun
be of the same caliber and handle the same mags
Kel-Tec’s take GLOCK mags for instance. Keep it simple son.
that way you keep expense down also.
Stay Frosty


Not trying to step on my Brother’s toes, but I need to qualify this remark, just a little.
Sorry Don.

Most Keltec Sub2000’s (Sub2K) on the market today are supplied in a Glock style magazine because that brand is the most popular, on the market today. Mine is a multi-mag edition which can be modified to accept many common magazine options available including, but not limited to Glock, Beretta 90/92 series, Sig, S&W and many more. When I bought mine, there was a list on a piece of paper supplied in the box with about 40 different model that it could be converted to. Just have to call back to the Mother Ship, order the correct mag latch and change it out. 10 round capacity mags are available for all options. I bought mine already adapted for the Beretta 90/92 series because my EDC is a 92A1.

Also on the Sub2K for California use, you will need to get the “WING” adapter which will prevent you from getting a good pistol grip on your weapon. Can’t have any pistol grip semi-auto rifles in California.


Once again brother BruceE I stand corrected …Not knowing the Kel tec personally
'* seen one on Tee Vee though once!*
I thought (and there in lies my problem :roll_eyes:), that I read … I stand corrected.
Thank you Sir for that informative (and kind) education.
I do not wish to lead anyone astray so I appreciate the correction.

We can be so darn civil when talking to each other can’t we? :wink:



We all have our bits and pieces of expertise, Brother. I’m certain there are subjects you could speak volumns on that would leave the rest of us dangling upon your every word.

As far as the civility of our speech, it is all about tact and diplomacy. Having the ability to tell someone exactly where to go, where to buy their tickets, where and when their train departs and making them happy to be on their way is a skill everyone should master.


“We all have our bits and pieces of expertise, Brother. I’m certain there are subjects you could speak volumes on that would leave the rest of us dangling upon your every word…”

Quite true Brother, Quite true …when I was “in my cups” a long, long time ago I seem to recall a past life when I was storming the parapets of Chapultepec under Gen. Scott, Longstreet and I use to have very ‘Spirited’ discussions 'round the fires before that event about Tactics that Pickett use to have to intervene before we came to blows! Old ‘Gloomy Pete’ he was NOT!

those were the days Brother! GLOURIOUS! …maybe that’s why I feel @ home in the desert here now…

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You won’t and can’t know what’s allowed in CA until LE comes knocking at your door. The law is what CA LE authorities say it is and enforcement will turn on identity politics (i.e., who you are).

Don’t like it? Don’t live in CA or don’t own a pistol brace.

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Nothing. There’s only stuff you haven’t been arrested for yet.


You need to go spend a night at holiday inn and brush up.

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Will.I.am Uno-nueve-uno

True probably true, but those TEE-Vee remotes bolted to their end table ramps up my PTSD
and they don’t have little shooters of Diet Cokes in the bar/room fridge…
almost takes the fun outta ‘campin’ (which is as far as roughin’ it as I go now)


yep, this is what Im looking for, someone who knows what CA statute to read…I’ve researched and read some of the code on the CA DOJ site, Basically there are features/parts not allowed UNLESS you --OPEN the BREECH TO remove the MAGAZINE, then you can have all the above referenced parts, ( pistol grip, flash hider, adjustable stock etc) silly as this has only inspired innovation with the Juggernaut HellFighter and Cross Armory rear take down kits…I am still unclear about AR pistols not even being allowed to be semi-auto, the shop I was in showed me a BCG/charging handle designed to operate only as Single shot (still mag fed) so its like a modified bolt action…