Will AR-15 pistols with braces be illegal after August 1st, 2022 unless you get BATF $200 Tax stamp?

Will a totally stock Springfield Saint AR-15 pistol or any other AR-15 pistol become illegal after August 1st, 2022? The one I’m looking at is the 9.6" barrel model ST9096556BM as seen here:

According to this article any AR-15 pistol will need you to file an SBR form and pay a $200 Tax stamp before August 1st of 2022 unless you destroy your pistol, turn it in the ATF or permanently remove the brace in a way that it can’t be reattached. If true AR-15 pistols just got a whole lot more expensive…

See this article: STAY LEGAL! Convert Your AR Pistol to a Short-Barrel Rifle NOW! | Shoot On

I’m hoping I am misinterpreting this article but if not things just got even more crazy here in the US…

I know this has been in the works for quite awhile but didn’t believe it would be put into law. I have also contacted Springfield Armory about this question as it would obviously affect their sales of the pistols in AR-15 format. I’ll post any response here from the that I receive from SA.


I seriously doubt that is going to happen. If so, there would be so much chatter on the internet and gun sites. There is also a law that says something along the lines that commonly used firearms cannot be banned.

Perhaps one of our resident lawyers will give us the real poop.


Thanks for the reply. I hope you are right. If I do get this pistol I would consider removing or cutting the brace off the buffer tube rather than pay $200 to the ATF. I would hope the buffer tube could not be considered a ‘stabilizing brace’ or stock.


They’d need to hire an army to collect them…


I don’t suppose they cite a definitive source for “August 1st”, let alone what the exact law change will be as of August 1st?

Lots and lots of opinions and propaganda and guesses on the old internets about this, so far they have all been wrong


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The way I see it the law will state you can’t take the pistol brace off your pistol and put a rifle brace on it and you can’t take your rifle barrel off your rifle and put a pistol barrel on it unless you pay $200. But I could be wrong.

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