What would you do: Outdoor Patio at a Pub?

You’re enjoying a perfect summer evening on the outdoor patio at a local pub. Everyone is relaxed and having a good time, no one acts like they’ve been overserved. It’s especially pleasant because no one is being outrageous.

Then you see a guy at the next table draw his gun from his concealed holster, clear it putting the ammo on the table, and hand it around to his friends sitting with him.

What are your state laws regarding alcohol and firearms? What would you do?

If I know the guy I’m going to strongly suggest he reholster it immediately, if not I’m going to leave, contact the management and maybe even call the police.

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Agreed with @WildRose. Talk to the guy if you know him, otherwise leave, call the police.
I’m not sure what the law says in such situation. But alcohol and firearms can be together on movies only.

IL “no gun zone” and alcohol rule:
Any building, real property, and parking area
under the control of an establishment that serves alcohol on its premises, if more than 50% of the establishment's gross receipts within the prior 3 months is from the sale of alcohol.


I would likely leave and maybe call the police like @WildRose said.

In NC you can carry in an establishment that serves alcohol. However, if you are consuming alcohol you are not allowed to carry. Either you will have to leave your firearm securely locked up in your vehicle, at home, etc.


The legality of the consumption doesn’t bother me near as much as pulling it out in the bar honestly.

I’ve had a number of people ask me over the years about what I’m carrying and if they could look at it and I just smile and say it’s an XYZ model/brand and say, sorry but no, I can’t legally draw it from the holster in public unless I’m going to use it in self defense.

Now, at a range, gun shop etc where it would be contextually appropriate different story but in a bar like that even if it were legal there’s really no completely safe way to do so and a million or so ways it could go very wrong, pretty well instantly.

I would consider that to be an incredibly irresponsible thing to do and anyone that irresponsible with a gun in their hands is a danger to me and everyone in the room


I’m with @WildRose on this. I cannot imagine this at a bar. There is a time and a place and the table at a bar is neither.

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You mean like the FBI agent last year that was dancing in a bar and did a backflip and then his gun came out of it’s holster and discharged? Wonder what happened to him?

He pleaded guilty during a disposition hearing to third-degree assault, and sentenced to 24 months of supervised probation, which he could complete out of state. He also had to pay a $1,200 fine and pay into the Victim’s Assistance Fund,

It would not surprise me if he STILL has his job with the FBI.

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FBI still needs good dancers :wink:

I would leave immediately. In my state, you can’t carry in a bar, you can eat in a place that has a bar, but not at the bar. Your permit is ‘administratively’ suspended if you are over .04% BAC.

Guns, crowds, is the gun really unloaded, nope, not for me. I would be out of there.

Last I heard he was severely disciplined and I think lost his job and his LE credentials.

He was arrested and charged and if he didn’t plead out will certainly be convicted.

I haven’t done any follow up on the story though.

In Texas I believe that if the place makes 51% or more of earning from the sale of alcohol then carrying is a no go, other than a liquor store.

Kentucky law does not allow carrying firearms at a bar (someplace that does not make at least 50% of their income from food) except by police (on duty, off duty and retired (qualified under LEOSA), and judicial permit holders (judges and prosecutors). Under LEOSA, active and retired LEOs cannot be under the influence.