Carry in a Bar?

When we go for longer motorcycle rides in Wisconsin, we sometimes stop at different restaurants or bar & grill-type places. I always carry on the bike, so I don’t drink and try to avoid the pubs bars and prefer to go to open-air restaurants instead. I don’t like being around people who are drinking when I carry.

Here’s more information from Tom Grieve about carrying in a bar:
Check out your state laws with the USCCA Reciprocity Map here.

If it’s legal in your state, do you carry in a bar?


I don’t drink, so I don’t go in “a bar.” In Illinois, if an establishment makes 50 percent or more of its revenue from the sale of alcohol, it is against the law to carry a firearm in there.


I do if I am not drinking. I am not in bars often but I carry everywhere in Kentucky wit very few exceptions.


In Michigan you cannot concealed carry anywhere where the primary source of income is alcohol. That being said, this doesn’t apply to open carry with a cpl.

I try to avoid bars myself, I don’t drink and having to deal with drunks at work means i would rather avoid them when I’m off work.


Oh forgot to mention: also does not apply if you have permission to CC in that establishment.


I think it should be like a DL. Carry in bars should be legal, but drinking while carrying should not be, at least more than 1 drink like having a set BAC level as they do for drivers or commercial drivers (which is stricter then normal drivers).


I carry everywhere I legally can period. If I’m in a bar/restaurant that carry is legal in I’m carrying. As per state law I will not have more than one alcoholic beverage though if I drink at all.

On the list of things I find to be important drinking is way down towards the bottom so if I have to make a choice between the two I’ll carry and not drink.

Unfortunately places that serve alcohol are at least as likely to be targeted by criminals as those that don’t.

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Agreed. I am unaware of any state in which you can be legally intoxicated while in lawful possession of a firearm.


Unless your a dancing FBI agent? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


I did say “lawfully”.

I believe he also was fired and lost his certification.


I know. I just used that example, since it shows that, no matter who we are, booze and guns are not good together.


You just made me go look by bringing it up so I figured I’d share what I found.


MN was .04 - same as a commercial drivers license.

But now that I am back in WI it is not a drop; which is why I have my wife as my designated carrier and driver :slight_smile:

On the motorcycle I am 100% sober until the bike is parked and if we stop someplace it is more likely to be a DQ or Culvers for ice cream than a bar for those of us that ride Goldwings.


Thank you for sharing! I hadn’t seen that article!

:woman_facepalming: What was he thinking??

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i’m a non drinker but do occasionally got to a bar either to hear my friends band play and/ or to be the DD for the night. I always carry when i go out and in Delaware it is legal to carry in a bar.


I don’t drink beer our anything, but if I did, I wouldn’t carry in a Bar. If you drink just one beer and got pull over with you firearm, the cops will not believe you. It’s just some trouble I don’t want.

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Not at all unwise. I will have a drink where I legally can and carry everywhere legally possible but I will always be extremely careful to stay far under the legal limit before getting behind the wheel.

I don’t worry about police harassment, what worries me is the possibility of even completely innocently being involved in a wreck and being found DUI.

You can drink responsibly.

You can carry responsibly.

You can drive responsibly.

You can do any combination of the three responsibly.

But if you choose to you are taking a huge extra responsibility on yourself along with considerable risk so use appropriate caution and your best judgement.

Texas only recently changed the law in I believe 2016 to allow us to have ANY alcohol at all in our system while carrying and based on a lot of sound scientific evidence sat the same .08 limit we have on Drinking and driving but just like drinking and driving the wise man/woman will never even get close to the limit.

Even a DUI or Carring while under the influence arrest without a conviction will get extremely complicated and expensive before it’s over and those arrests will be on your record for life with or without conviction.


Seriously why would you even want to bring all that potential unnecessary nonsense upon yourself? Don’t run the risk of being caught Either do not drink or leave it at home if you drink.

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In many states you may drink lawfully up to specific limits while carrying.

If science shows that only at .08 and above are we affected to the extent our judgment and reactions are impaired which is an amount set for the “lowest common denominator” there is no logical reason to say one cannot have a drink while carrying lawfully or responsibly.

Yes there are always exceptions but one drink rarely turns and adult in to a psychotic murderous or suicidal sociopath unless they are also on medications that are not conducive to alcohol consumption or they have some exceedingly rare physiological issue.

Always use good judement, always stay within the limits of the law, and dont’ get cocky pushing the “legal limit” while carrying and I don’t have an issue with it.

Society and the law say we trust you to operate a motor vehicle, heavy equipment, aircraft, and carry firearms up to certain limits for a reason, there’s no statistical evidence to show that below a certain level it makes you unsafe, irresponsible, or that your judgement will be impaired.

If we’re together and you show signs of being impaired I’m going to cut you off or have you cut off and if you won’t surrender your weapon call the police but other than that I’ll trust anyone until they prove that trust is unwarranted.


In SC we can carry where alcohol is served, but a person carrying is not allowed to drink while armed. Many places serve alcohol, not just bars.