Drinking Alcohol and Carrying Scenario

OK, I am a noob to conceal carry and have a question concerning having a couple beers at dinner. Scenario: Let say me and the girlfriend take a road trip, stop for dinner, and I have a couple beers. What does one do with their firearm during the drive home? I know getting caught drinking alcohol and carrying is a for sure way to lose your permit, especially here in Maryland. Is it feasible to put the firearm in a lock box in the trunk, separating the magazine? Would that be an allowable solution without getting into “trouble” or would that not make a difference in the eyes of the law? To clarify, I’m not talking about getting drunk and driving. I’m referring to legal limit amount of beers. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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You will get a variety of responses to your post - some you will disagree with.

I don’t drink when I am carrying. I don’t drink when I am driving. Between those two, I just don’t drink away from home.

You may want to determine which is more important to you - ensuring your safety or drinking “a couple beers.” I’m not saying your choice is right or wrong, but you need to make that choice and be able to articulate why you made that choice.


I found quitting drinking worked pretty well when I figured out my priorities.


Let me phrase my response this way: “If I have a beer or two away from home and decide to a. operate a vehicle, b. carry or possess a firearm or c. both; I am simply rolling the dice on my life and the lives of others and possibly throwing everything that I have worked for in my life into the waste bin.”

I’m moving closer and closer to giving up drinking alcohol in any form for the rest of my life personally. The world is fast becoming more and more dangerous in every place. Sobriety outweighs everything else in my book.

In short, if there is even a remote chance that you will be stopping off for dinner that may involve alcohol, leave your sidearm at home. Or, simply choose not to drink and take turns being designated drivers/armed persons.

Be safe.


Going with a “what if…” What if, after having a couple of beers, you’re driving home. Someone runs a stop sign and hits you. Police are called. While getting the details of the accident, the cop smells beer beer on your breath. Breathalyzer indicates a .03. You are not “legally” drunk, but he can hit you with DUI (driving under the influence). He then discovers you’re carrying. Can you see ANY good outcome coming out of this?


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I can answer your question in 3 short words: Don’t do it.
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When I was trying to justify my drinking habits these were questions I asked myself!


I would think that if you unloaded the firearm and put it in a locked container before you had any drinks then you would no longer be considered to be carrying. But that is a better question for a lawyer and the answer likely differs in different States and maybe even some towns.


In some states, it is going to be illegal to be in possession of a firearm while consuming alcohol. Some states may allow you to have it locked away in the trunk of your vehicle, and not easily accessible, while other states may be a bit more strict on it.

One way to get a bit more clarity on this scenario would be to contact your local or state police and ask how they would process that situation.


In Tennessee if you’re in public and a beer touches your lips, deep doo doo.


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Three words- DON’T DO IT!!! :-1:


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The answer in its simplest term: Do not consume alcohol while carrying.

I don’t! I won’t even sip/sample the new drink my wife ordered and claims “it’s really good” and asked me to try.

Your judgement, freedom and the lives of others are dependent on your actions.


bingo! I tell myself I must be a control freak. Sobriety has allowed me to control my emotions and interactions, which has made a huge difference in my life and the important relationships, never mind dealing with traffic :wink:
I quit alcohol for good 15 years ago, spontaneous decision, after a couple other attempts that were reactions to real dumb mistakes. My wife seems to have quit as well. I don’t think either one of us misses having a beer in the least. Don’t take away my herbal teas though! :laughing:


Welcome Huey! I prioritize carrying over drinking. They are mutually exclusive in my world. Never mix the two!




Leave your gun secured at home or learn to enjoy ice tea.


Honestly, if I’m carrying I don’t drink at all. Murphy’s Law always pops up at the most inopportune times.
Not worth the chance.


I think that some of you have the right answer and some of you do not. The key here is that he is out having dinner. During dinner, he has a couple of beers. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! The issue of carrying is almost a mute point. Even is you get stopped for any reason and blow less than .08, if the officer smells alcohol on your breath, they are going to take you in for a blood alcohol test which will show, in most cases, that even after 2 beers, you are legally impaired. If you compound that with carry concealed, you can bet that you are going to lose your permit. Just saying!