What would make you draw?

image The Shark Tank Analogy

What are you willing to jump into a shark tank for?
Would I jump in to rescue my children? Yes. But there’s no way I’d jump into a shark tank with a hungry shark for my phone, car, TV, money, or smartwatch. Property is easily replaceable.

Kevin explains it more here:

What would you jump into the shark tank to save?

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There’s the what if’s that go with this. What if I see someone breaking into my truck. Can I run towards them yelling “GET AWAY FROM MY TRUCK!!!”? If I do that, am I provoking them into a fight? Do I do nothing except call the police?

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In DC you will go to jail unfortunately. :hot_face:


I would say you’re running toward the problem instead of away, so based on that alone I would say if you had to resort use of your gun, you’d wind up in court.

Three things to ask yourself before firing your gun:

  1. Can I safely remove myself from the situation?

  2. Am I in imminent danger of great bodily harm or loss of life?

  3. Is the use of my gun necessary and reasonable to stop the threat?


Same in NJ.

The sad thing is people should not be punished for trying to protect their property. That’s their time and life-investment put into those things. I think people should of course consider of the value of a persons life when considering if they want to draw, but I have a hard time feeling they should go to jail for standing up to a criminal who chooses to steal from another person. Of course if I drew a firearm I would first tell them to get on the ground, if they ran I would probably just let them run, but if they decided to come towards me that in my mind makes them at fault.

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If they ran I would not chase or shoot, however, I would love for them to be the latest contributor to “I got TAZED the “F” out” Youtube page.

At the least, criminals need to be subdued for law enforcement, charged, and sued for the damage they inflicted.

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We can get really far off into the weeds here playing out “what if” scenarios but it really isn’t necessary.

Drawing your gun is what you do when you have no other choice and all your other skills and senses have failed to keep you or those you care about safe.

It is the last resort and to be used only to stop or prevent a deadly force encounter that you see developing.

Depending on your state it may even be lawful to draw your gun, even level it at a potential threat that has not yet used deadly force on you (think of being backed into a corner by a hostile crowd) to diffuse the situation but even there, it’s the last resort when all else has failed and you end up in a situation you could not, or failed to avoid.

To paraphrase Keven, the only way to guarantee you walk away from a fight unscathed is to avoid it.

Wow. I wish had thought of this scenario for the webinar last week.
The question comes down to: if I didn’t have a sidearm, would I yell at person breaking into my car? Yes, of course I would. The guideline is when something criminal is happening – where others can hear – is to yell. Yell at the criminal; cry for help.
Now, if I did have a sidearm in the same situation, would I act the same? My nature is: yes. But we with the ability to use deadly force are held to a higher standard. This where I wish I could have posed the question: if I have not exposed my sidearm and do not have my hand on the grip, could I act as if I didn’t have an “ace in the hole.” (I want make abundantly clear: I used that idiom for no other reason than I couldn’t think of something more appropriate. When carrying, I feel more a real burden than power.)

Threat to my family or my property. Finding myself in a mob/protest situation where I’m being assaulted.

In Texas – what a great state – I believe that is your right.

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Texas may be worth a hard look then.

Direct threat to myself or others where there is no other option…

The most threatened I have been recently, most I did was released my safety on my holstered firearm still concealed.

I was helping a friend control the 400lb sows (3 of them) and 9, 220lb hogs while separating the 10week babies to a separate pen… Just had a fiberglass rod to work as a buffer between 3 angry mommas…

Fortunately, never needed to draw and shoot…

That’s the closest I believe I have come to drawing.