What skills are you working on right now?

Well I thought the resemblance was pretty remarkable. Funny note, I had a chance to go to stunt school in LA right after HS but aimed for the Army instead.

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Getting in good enough shape to kick and punch at all angles with speed and force. Also working on perfecting my feel fort my new Glock to obtain perfect aiming and reaction speed in any situation without breaking the law.


Making sure my grip is consistent and my focus is consistent as well.


Probably the best tutorial I’ve ever seen on focus.


@Rob68 welcome to the group! What are you shooting?

M@P Shield 45

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Nice firearm @Rob68. Is that your EDC?

Currently basck to weakhand shooting,obstruction,cover ad working through the taps book

I alternate it with one other.

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Follow up shots accuracy

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@Jerzy I’ll trade ya… I’m working on first shot accuracy :slight_smile:
@Dr_Richard how’s your weakhand shooting coming?

@Zee - I’ve trained a lot (really a lot) with my BB gun, before I bought my 9mm. So accuracy has never been my problem… It has started with follow up shots with 9mm when I’ve found what “recoil” means :scream:

Dot Torture Drill helps a lot, I can see progress. So maybe few more weeks… and I will have to find a new skill to improve :muscle:

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Weakhand shooting is continual and fun. It’s a bit warm today,103 so training of the week is training when uncomfortable which includes sweat, poor eyesight and evironment control ,shot selection and judgement assessment. Happy shooting and let judgement and situational awareness rule

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103? Dude! That sounds miserable.

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@Dr_Richard - 103 :scream:
don’t forget to check the oil in your gun after shooting :sweat_smile:


It is definitely interesting ,but the goal is to train safe and in every possible confrontation environment. The goal being familirity should one ever be subject to adentures in challenging situations. Bad guys look for every advantage, rain, heat,when you feel bad etc. So we train in them all,so we may be better prepared. Besides the lemonade after seemed like nectar from heaven.

Ps I trained in the winter a bit ago, and my breath kept getting in the way of my sightlines. I put on a face mask and that created problems I could not have foreseen had I not trained,it modified how I dressed in cold weather. Just to insure I could perfom safely and with precision. love the unending desire to be my best,in the hope that if I am ever in an unfortunate situation I might be adequate😉

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I’m a milcom TW 25 b guy and have never had an issue. But that is truly sound advice, especially since usually one of the training weapons goes right back on my hip and into service.

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One of the main reasons I carry isn’t for self defense in the “human threat sense”. Around here we have lots of critters that can pose a significant threat to humans and livestock and other varmints that need to be rapidly dealt with.

I had an example night before last ans I wish I wasn’t so technologically challenged or I’d share pictures from my phone but I don’t seem to be able to download them to the computer.

I have had multiple discussions with students and other instructors since Rand Paul’s incident in which he was attacked while mowing his yard and severely injured by a crazed neighbor.

One of the last places most people would ever think of “needing” to carry a firearm is when working around the yard but I’ve started including discussion of same since that incident in classes.

I truly never imagined an instance where I might “need” to defend myself or others while mowing but sure enough I’m manning the riding mower because my kennel area was getting rather overgrown and cutting a buffer zone between mother nature and the dogs since that’s a great way to deter rattlesnakes and other potential problem animals.

Sure enough I’m making a lap around and I look ahead and see a monster rattler running ahead of the mower to get away. Immediately I think of two things, Rand Paul and what a difficult target a snake is with a handgun under ideal circumstances much less from a sitting position on a bouncing riding mower.

Rattlers are pretty fast and I have seen them when angered turn back on me to attack so jumping off of the mower is not a smart option.

So I draw, level make one quick shot before he gets to the tall grass and the shot was obviously effective but he just stopped ans started to coil in a defensive position, although obviously injured. At this point I slam on the brakes and take a send quick shot, and fortunately the problem was solved.

I’m not the greatest shot with a handgun but I usually manage to hit what I’m shooting at. In this case I scored to hits to the head at a measured 17".

This is not a brag, just a lesson and hopefully I put a clear picture in your head of the situation, all the things I had to consider. I made no mention of safety considerations because I know every possible line from where I was to where a stray round might possibly cause harm as it’s over a half mile to any livestock or other people.

Marksmanship was a big key for safety reasons and due to the size of the moving target so I had to take my time to make a good, quick draw to first accurate shot, quickly assessed and decided to take one more to get the desired effect.

All these lessons translate well to common self defense shooting scenarios. You have in many cases split seconds to decide if deadly force is appropriate and if you can use it safely with no risk to innocents.

Oh, he was 5.5’ long, with 16 pars but was missing the last pair and button (rattles) so he was probably in the neighborhood of 8-11 years old. More than big enough to kill a 70lbs dog with a single bite much less puppies, children, or infants and big enough to do very serious harm to even a very large adult human.

If you spend time in nature you may encounter similar situations that don’t include a human attacker so keep them in mind, and again, know your own state laws. In some states you do, others you do not have a lawful use of deadly force when confronted by a given species even if there is a deadly threat so if you shoot such critters you can easily run afoul of your states game laws.


In PA rattlesnakes are protected. However, I still carry when I am outside working and prefer my LCR 38 special with the first 2 loads CCI varmit loads. Then I have my defensive loads.

really? good thing my farm isn’t in PA. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: