What skills are you working on right now?


What skill are you currently working on in your training?

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Not stovepiping on the new Canik :woman_facepalming:
Less grip fidgeting, more repeatability
Sorting out my left/right eye swapping on open sights

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Is it still stovepiping, @Zee?

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75 rounds through the gun so far, of the last 50, 4 stovepipes. I’ll clean and oil it tomorrow morning and put another 150 or 200 rounds through it at the range and see how we’re doing. The hubby said get 500 rounds through before deciding if I need to make an adjustment on the spring. I modified my grip a little and that seems to have helped, plus I’m working on better wrist stability.

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Wrist stability can be the key with some guns, very true @Zee. Let us know how it goes.

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My LEO experience is from the early '70s when the revolver was standard armament…I have zero experience with semi-autos. My training right now consists of verifying my sight picture, eliminating flinching, trigger control, and controlling ‘range anxiety’(nerves). I also dry-fire around the house, working on procedure, ‘just in case’. I get to the range as often as I can, but a tight budget makes that option a rarity.

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Thank you for your service to your community, @Henry_A! Do you still carry a revolver?

Dry-fire may not be a 100% replacement for range time, but it is definitely valuable for your training - and very inexpensive! Glad you’re training!!

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Hi, @Dawn,
With the arthritis in my hands, I am guessing that I may not be able to pull the trigger on a revolver. My current EDC is a Taurus G2s in 9 mm. I do not have a way to measure it, but I am guessing the trigger pull is between 4 and 5lbs. This is much less than the trigger on the S&W ‘Combat Masterpiece’ that I used in the AF, which I swear was over 10lbs (and I was much younger then!!)


Glad you’ve got one that works for your hands, @Henry_A! Just in case you are looking for a BUG or additional carry, I’ve heard really great things about the M&P 380 EZ from people who have arthritis and hand strength issues. It is a 380, but it is a reliable firearm that is easy to conceal.

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