What skills are you working on right now?

Given what I have learned from a few recent training videos coupled with my last range performance, I am going back to basics: stance, grip, trigger control, recoil management.

I have to, have to, have to do something about the sights on my pistol! I have a lot of trouble picking them up in anything but bright conditions. Even then it can take to long.


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EWWWW! Good thing I don’t live in PA! I’m not a snake fan. Luckily in WI we don’t have too many snakes around where I live. Although, right after we moved into the new USCCA Headquarters, we did find 2 snakes in the building. I saw Tim right after the second one was found and told him I was working from home that day!

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Working on using a handheld light, while shooting. Farm varmints make great practice. Pest control, at night, gives a good example of firing in the dark. The muzzle flash, and having to steady a light, and a pistol.

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if anyone is working on follow-up shots accuracy, I’ve found great drills:

The Test drill (or 10/10/10 drill)
The Devil drill (or 6/6/6/ drill)
for details check these:

There are times when one must keep the three S’s handy.


The three S’s…a very useful tool in extremis.



Changing the way I train from target practice to defensive shooting. Specifically I’m looking to improve my speed out of holster without sacrificing accuracy.


Slow, steady, with a focus on getting every step right until the muscle memory makes it all automatic and the speed will follow.

9 times out of ten the first accurate shot on target wins so I’d say you’re working on the most essential elements and on the right track.


No to mention … deadly ‘Snipes’. :upside_down_face:

Weak hand shooting. Will continue until the 4” gong gets hammered 10/10. May be a while at the rate I’m going😳

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@Dwayne what distances are you shooting at?

here’s a thread you may want to pop in on: Weak Hand Vs Stong Hand Training

and if you want to post your progress, here’s a thread: One hand & Weak hand training challenge -show your work!

Not sure how you train on weak hand, but here’s some practice tactics I posted a while back: Weekly Target Feedback! Might be stuff you already know, but in case it’s new, it’s there.

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More First Aid And Perfect Gun Care. Target practice until my gun feels like another part of me with perfect shots.

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The one thing I really wanted to do was fire off my mini revolver, never had the chance since I got it…

No ear plugs, and wanted to see how the recoil was considering your holding it with a single finger basically.

Was a Ref at my teams paintball/airsoft field yesturday, after the days games and all players but a few teammates and prospects had left, field owner gave me permission to shoot it on the field (owner goes out from time to time with his drum fed shotgun).

First shot a little ring on the ears and the recoil, far less than I was expecting and with 30 minutes till darkness, still put out some nice fireballs.

Next skill to work on based on getting to fire this mini revolver, testing at what range I can accurately put rounds on target…

Fun bit, one of our team prospects moved up from California, was quite surprised a person could go into the back yard and shoot off a few rounds. He had no clue I had 2 firearms on me, and made the comments of that could never be done in California. He did like to watch me shooting the revolver…

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