What is the most expensive handgun you have shot?

Colt Gold Cup some time in the late 90’s. It was a range gun that probably wasn’t maintained well. In could feel the grittiness of the slide returning to battery (I’m assuming because it wasn’t cleaned/lubed well). It felt like it was retunring to battery in slow mo.

That being said, I was impressed that when looking at the back of the slide, the slide and frame looked like one piece of metal until you racked it.

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A CZ 9mm that a guy at my range had & we were shooting eackother’s pistols. I think hje said he paid $2700 for it.

Get starting on reloading, I was able to reload the same ammo and my friend couldn’t tell the difference between factory and reload! Massive ammo!

My most expensive is the limited edition Alien 500!