What hobbies do you have outside of firearms/self-defense?


With how much I work - and it all revolves around firearms - there are times I forget about my other hobbies.

What else do you like to do outside of firearms?


It’s been a while, but I’m getting my baking on! I promised my team at work I’d do some baking for them since it’s been so long since I’ve baked.


Fishing, hunting, HUGE Motorsports fan(Mostly drag racing, but pretty much any Motorsport interests me). I’m not a big pro sports fan. I like to watch high school basketball and some college ball, since they aren’t being paid, and usually try harder.


Bellydancing, draft horse rescue, riding and driving horses, health coaching, spinning and weaving and knitting, beekeeping, painting, writing short fiction, brewing, making cheese, gardening, raising all sorts of livestock… but I dont have time to work on most things often because I travel too much.


I enjoy playing guitar, cars, koi ponds/pondscaping, road trips, travel, camping, lake boating, hosting holidays/pool parties.

Now being grandparents most of our time is with our grandkids.


Hockey skating in the winter, spray painting in the summer! My 2 favorite hobbies.
Otherwise, drawing, archery, hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, and of course, always happy to share some of these moments with @James :heart: (am I embarrassing yet? :rofl: )


I spend time with my wife when I’m not working, because she’s more than my wife, she’s my best friend and I try to do as much as I can with her since we are not promised tomorrow. When I’m bored I make different things out of paracord or just go fishing when it’s nice outside.


I enjoy hunting and being as self sufficient as possible with hunting. I shot 3 deer last year with archery equipment, 14 pheasants, and a couple squirrels that go into the stew pot. I enjoy fishing, mostly catfish, walleye, panfish, and salmon (got about 30 or so pounds in the freezer as well as the red meat.

I like gardening, and this upcoming year I have some stuff in the works to try and be as self sufficient as I can by growing food. This Tuesday is going to be my compost getting day.

I also enjoy making knives, and selling them. Some are forged, and most are cut out of a billet of steel. I also started working out again, I enjoy smoking ribs, pork butt, and brisket (one of the only times I buy meat). I also like playing video games and napping too.

edit, I know the does are a bit on the smaller size. Most of the deer by where I archery hunt get shot after their second year. The one in the woods was like 3 and was an OLD doe for that area.


I learned to unicycle 34 years ago. Didn’t ride much until about 8 years ago. Fell back in love with it, especially the core workout. Its amazing! I’m on the left with my Nimbus Nightrider, and that’s a 36" tire.

Here’s a youtube video of me riding the 36er. Fascinating side story: the young blonde riding the 24" unicycle was a foreign exchange student from Paris, randomly picked to stay with us for three weeks… who just happened to know how to ride a unicycle. What are the odds!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klqF6YNlwkk

My other passion is playing bass guitar. I just picked it up a few years back, and am still quite the noob, but I love it. My son inherited my musical abilities!!!


One of my son’s can ride a unicycle - he just started one day out of the blue. He was a natural. His identical twin has no interest what so ever.


Anything outdoors, I enjoy working on my truck, I volunteer as much as possible either thru my church or a group called sheep dog impact assistance


I was a Race Official with the Sports Car of America for 25 years and got to work races all of the time. I have worked NASCAR, INDY, IMSA, Trans Am, and of course Sports Car of America races. I’ve also gotten to met a lot of the drivers as well when working the races. I also do some dog training as well.


I’m lame. I spend what free time I have away from firearms/self-defense researching more firearms/self-defense and first aid. After several eye openers within the last couple of years I’ve really been focusing on this aspect of things.


@Spence you sound like my hubby.


hunt, fish which I will be competing in state and regional tournaments hopefully, ems


I work on my parents’ farm (I manage the 12 pigs), I got a bow not too long ago as I want to get into hunting, I’m going to be getting into fishing in a bit, read, play some guitar, fix anything that needs to be fixed (mainly car stuff) and I occasionally play some computer games. Otherwise that’s my life outside of work.


Well outside of guns (All guns, military, historical, hunting… all guns) My love (in my younger days) was baseball, but over the years highschool, college and recreational leagues and coaching has taken its toll. Now outside of all things outdoors, hiking, hunting, camping ect. I just enjoy the outdoors, my kiddos, a really nice cigar and a LITTLE bourbon. Life is good.


@Kelly, nice artwork!! that’s very cool. Seriously LOVE the tree/waterfall on the left!!
Sharing some of my art and photography here:
image image image image image image
that last one is a self-portrait from 20 years ago.


Thanks lady. Mines done with spray paint. Nothing fancy. Hahah. Tried painting and could not channel my inner Bob Ross. No happy trees here with a paint brush. Hahah. Nice job yourself! :smile:


Nothing wrong with spray paint - it’s the message, not the medium :smiley: And your message has genuine feeling in it.
Somehow I’ve never been able to get with the Bob Ross mood… just too darn nice and cheery for me :laughing::grimacing:

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