Just for fun

Thought I would share a pic from one of the ranges near me. They are having a pumpkin carving contest where you shoot the pumpkins to carver them.

I am conserving ammo so I didn’t go but this guy was able to carve both sides of his pumpkin.


With all the negative stuff out there thought something light hearted was in order.


Clever :slight_smile:

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Yeah…the one with the most votes wins a 22 lr pistol.


Hey that seems like fun :+1::+1:

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Exceptional shooting!
Can’t do that on my range! Only paper allowed!

By the way when is National Looting Day? I need to set my clock and mark my calendar.


Now they can go and use them after Hallows Eve for the pumpkin launching… canon and catapults.

Have watched it a couple of times on TV.

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