The Gift of Defense | USCCA

I didn’t get a hippopotamus for Christmas. Instead, my wife bought me a pump shotgun.

As a family, we often discuss security and try to use news stories as learning experiences. We have handguns and ammo, knives, and tools in our go-bags. Important papers are easily accessible, and we have two barking dogs.

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I’d love to know where you can go to practice shooting this…indoor ranges won’t allow it and there aren’t any outdoor ranges close by that I know of. Ideas?

Our local range allows shotgun with slugs only, it can’t be the only one :thinking:

Check out our Range finder, @Cathy, it might help:

Can you give us a general location (specifics aren’t necessary if you don’t want to share your location)?

Dawn - thanks for the advice. I’ve checked locally but I’m new here so maybe there is some I don’t know about. I’m in Titusville, Fl. and will check out the range finder.