Weekend Drill: Attacking Pumpkins

Shotgun training isn’t something we always do, but if you use a shotgun, you should train with it especially if you’re going to rely on it for your home defense. Best Shotgun for Home Defense

Shooting a shotgun is very different than shooting a handgun. Training is important, but no one said training couldn’t be fun! :jack_o_lantern:

How do you train with your shotgun?


I was thinking scarecrows myself.

I would submit that you “train like you fight”. If you have a “side saddle” you should be reloading from that and not your hip pocket.



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Yup. And yes, pumpkins and melons are great targets this time of year.
Warning:Gratuitous fun factor=Cut the top open, and fill with water. Makes them really go splat.

No mag fed AR shotguns?

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I train on my firing range where I train with my pistol, BUT I add a few steps to it. I will start pt behind my wall as if I was coming from cover and I have 2 additional targets set up in different spots while I stare off in the opposite direction. After the person helping me comes back around and says it’s set up, I then proceed in different ways to take out the “BAD GUYS” as quick as possible.