Best Shotgun for Home Defense


What shotgun do you suggest for home defense? And what ammunition would you recommend?

(This also begs the question, is a shotgun your first choice of firearms for home defense?)

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I’ve been using Mossberg 500s since the 90’s. My first was a 6 shot, I prefer this 8 shot. I use Hornady critical defense 00 buck. I like the ATI stock I added a few years came with the heatshield and I also added the hdf2 pumpkin puncher breacher. It’s long so for me it’s not a problem as I don’t have hall ways in my home so don’t have to worry about anyone grabbing the business end. Also as far as penetration the bedrooms locations are not an issue as being in the line of fire. For the home it is my primary. I like the ambidextrous safety and ease/availability of accessories and upgrades. I’ve tried Remington, and Winchester but just went with Mossberg. Their maverick line is also a good low cost option.


My first choice is my pistol.
My first choice for my wife(and her first choice) is the 20 gauge shotgun. She feels much more confident behind it. As for ammo nothing fancy just some buckshot.


I use an 870 with a 20 inch barrel, and buckshot. I’ve been bird hunting with an 870 for a number of years, so finding the safety and slide release position are muscle memory now. I think that shotguns have the least learning curve for all guns, so somebody that is new in the world o’ guns can learn to be effective with it quickly in a situation like we’re discussing. I mean you can miss with one, but the chances of hitting are greater in low light, and high stress situations. Just my 2 cents and opinion.


Mossberg 590, or a 500 tactical. I suggest 2 3/4 00 buck, and slugs. Alternate them accordingly
00, slug, 00, slug etc. I’ve had good luck with regular Winchester ammo for both. If you are worried about over penetration, #4 turkey loads don’t go through quite as much as the others, but are still very effective.

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I used to load Winchester as well in this firing order, 00, birdshot, slug, 00 birdshot, slug 2.75” shells

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I like the Mossberg 590A1, myself. 00 buck with 4 slugs in the stock. Honestly, if I was gonna pick up a long gun for a bump in the night, I’d pick up my AR.

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Presently a Rock Island M5 with some Bird shot in consideration of or neighbors, its not my first choice, my pistol is.

However, this Monday. Ive already confirmed and placed on hold to trade in my M5 and get a VR80 with a couple 9rd mags for 9+1. Might double the mag either the 9rd or the standard depending on weight and get some bigger lead. 48383056_2925317667494236_6706442736641245184_o-660x345

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The only down side to being in this Community is I want to buy more guns. How is that a downside? My wallet doesn’t allow me to buy all of the guns I want. :frowning:

Fun factoid to use when talking about shotguns for home defense for those new to guns or those who are trying to explain shotguns for home defense:

A typical 000 load will contain the near equivalent of six to eight .380 ACP pistol rounds, all delivered in a five to six inch pattern.

From Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals 2nd Edition


@Dawn then you need to convince USCCA to have a gun range if you dont already, purchase these popular firearms, and have your employees test them out so that the employees can speak personally (not professionally or officially) about what they liked or did not like about said firearm and personal take aways grips too big or small. Gun too heavy or light, easy to maneuver with, etc. Employees could share personal experience about the firearms we are all talking about which may hemp members in deciding what route to go.


Don’t get me wrong, @Orpackrat! I’ve shot a lot of the guns we talk about here - but there are soooo many! It’s like potato chips, you can’t have just one! And once you have one you want more! :slight_smile:

And we do have the opportunity to rent guns at the Range of Richfield to try out a bunch of guns. The only problem there is once I shoot one I usually want to buy it!

I’m sure a lot of you have heard the term “house poor” after buying a home? Well, I’m trying not to be “gun poor” :laughing:


@Dawn that when the time comes for me to buy. It will be acreage and off grid to start with personal range and savings to buy more.

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X+1=How many guns you need. X being the number you own.


Easy way to afford more guns, buy one less box of ammo and put that money in a 5 gallon water jug (hard to take money out of without long nose pliers and time).

If you commonly go out for coffee. Skip it snd put the money for it in the jug, if you cant skip it, get a size smaller and put the difference in the jug.

Pay with cash, budget depending, when break a bill, put the change in the jug whether its the 1s or 5s or even the loose change. Buy the store brand vs the name brand and the calculated savings go in the jug. It will add up quickly.


I’ve turned down going to the grocery store for buying a gun and ammo before. You know how you have loose cans of whatever soup or sauces in the pantry that just sit there for a couple years, and no imagination for what to make for supper after a while? Buying a gun and ammo and finishing off your pantry for 2 weeks makes you come up with some wonderful crock pot meals, and makes you not let canned goods hit their expiration date.

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Ramen noodles and a grilled cheese are hard to beat.


Grilled cheese and tomato soup!


I have an idea for a USCCA product, “you just bought a new gun and are flat broke cookbook.” Sorry for getting off topic here.


That’s after you bought the new gun. Grilled cheese, tomato soup with oyster crackers in it. :grin:


My first gun is a 44 special revolver but for my lady friend I had a 12 ga pump. She is only about 100 pounds and just 2 weeks ago I bought a Mossberg 500 pump in 410
She seems much happier with the weight and recoil of the 410 and I know #4 shot will get any bad guys attention, if they get by me…

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