Home defense Long gun vs Hand Gun


Long gun vs Hand gun and ammo preferences? What helpped you make your choice and special considerations that went into your equipment?

Choosing a home defense rifle

I keep a xdm 45 with a tlr-1 close by. Loaded with 185 grn hollow points. If i cant get the job done with that she should get me to my 300 blackout.

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Location wise are you looking at a populated neighborhood or rural area? Any special consideration on type of .300 ammo you load up with?


My Glock’s are my primary weapon platform. My pistol is ALWAYS close or on my hip. We are older and don’t have any children in the house.

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For me it’s a handgun, just because we live in a condo. You go from one room into a small hallway and into another, no room for long barrels. I am thinking of a PCC. Not so much because it’s practical, but because I really want one.


I personally keep my glock 19 and 43 next to the bed in a small safe (have small kids to keep away from) my wife is recoil sensitive so a shotgun for her is out she would never practice with it. I keep a 20g in the safe loaded with #3 buckshot. I live in a heavily populated neighborhood (houses are less the 30 feet apart and can’t risk the over penatration of 00. I also keep frangible hollowpoints int the glocks.


I have 2 shotguns hidden, but easily accessible. My FN is next to me or in the safe at all times.


Handguns, while my wife gets my 12 gauge out of the gun cabinet.


Handgun is gonna be primary, i live in a spread out neighborhood so if I’m going outside to investigate something the AR and pistol will be with me

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We live in an old manufactured home with one long hallway. A shotgun is impractical for the layout. And I’m much more trained with my pistol.


Just watched a video about this today by Mrgunsandgear. His suggestion, and others I’ve heard all say the rifle (carbine) has the most advantages, but I think for my home my handgun would work best. Maybe for a multiple person threat around the perimeter, my rifle would be more ideal, but I think in the heat of the moment I will just instinctively reach for the weapon I train with the most.

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Probably grabbing an AR to check out any bumps in the night. There are long guns loaded here and I think that gives me the best advantage, I’m not looking for a fair fight at home. Plus too, I’m out in the country. I’m more or less in the woods.


Not to sound like a jerk, so please don’t be insulted by this, have you tried a shotgun with a little linger barrel and a full choke? At 20-25 yards, my 28 inch barrel puts the whole load on a 12x12 target. I’m not saying shotguns are the end all be all, just a thought for the current discussion.


Handgun just above my head where I sleep, it’s a first grab…

Just got my wall mounts for my shotgun which is my first grab to get out of my room.

Shotgun would be my first preference, as the sheer sight of it has far better odds of instantly stopping any home invasion.


A shotgun or rifle is what I would rather start with every time.

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I have all three styles of firearms ready, (handgun, shotgun, and rifle), however, after consideration, a shotgun is probably my best option. I live in an apartment, and have neighbors on 3 sides of me, including directly across from my only entrance door. 4 if you include the ones below me…and the ones below them…and the two that are caddy corner on two corners of me…this is kinda stressful to think about :joy: I forget how surrounded I am by people while at home, even tho I live alone. I have to be extremely cautious of over penetration through the walls in this environment.

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You might want to switch to a nail gun.

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I carry the XD Mod 2 3.3" in 45 and use 185 grain critical defense ammo. It was easy choice because I wanted something to conceal but also have quick access when something happens quick. My long guns are mainly used for hunting and sporting activities. I would use a long gun for defense IF and only IF the perpetrator was wearing body armor.


Like in Lethal Weapon, @mdstanzel?


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