Handgun and Rifle?

For home defense how many of you are using a handgun and a rifle or just a handgun? I am currently only using a 9 mm handgun but local gun stores are selling lots of rifles as well. They currently mainly have high cost rifles over $1,000 and 22 lr ammo handguns.


Hand, rifle, boomstick, pitchforks, shovels, and a weedeater,…never can have enough!!!


@Kenneth120, welcome to the community.

Yes, get a rifle. And a shotgun. And another handgun. And no, once you buy one, never sell it. Options are always good. Options also give you more training opportunities and more opportunities to go out and shoot. Another advantage is that in this environment of shortage, especially ammo, you might be able to find ammo for the rifle and not handgun and vice versa.


The answer is yes. Whatever loaded firearm is the closest, is the one I’m using. My go to is a .357 mag revolver, and a 12 gauge shotgun.


handgun, shotgun, rifle, bow and wrist rocket.


Kenneth, the best advice anyone can give you is this…you do whatever you feel you should. If you want another rifle/shotgun/handgun then knock yourself out. None of us know your financial status and whether you are spreading your finances thin or not or if you have money to burn. Most of us here have multiple weapons because we like them, enjoy shooting them, and overall feel more comfortable with more than less as just some possible reasons.

My 9yo loves the 22, my older sons love shotguns, I like rifles and my wife likes her pretty pistols. You should always do what you think is right and if you’re asking us for our opinion…we will all likely recommend more than less. Happy shooting!


Welcome! @Kenneth120 I use a .300 blackout/ ar15 build and a .45 acp handgun. MRE water heaters and Tabasco sauce!


Agreed. STAY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET. I am a poor man, but eel like smaug in the dwarf cave… For 25 years I bought it cheap and stacked it deep. I do /did shoot a lot more then also. Get yourself a comfortable supply of self defense ammo, hollow point, maybe 500 rounds per caliber, det it aside, Only shoot whay upi can acquire above and beyond that


My primary home defense weapon is my AR. That’s why I got it, in fact. Of course, I have my pistol with me too.

I think there are two primary concerns with choosing a home defense weapon: the first is to train with it. Shoot the gun as much as possible. You want to be able to handle it safely and put shots on target waking up from a dead sleep. Become a super-expert with your gun.

The other major concern is ammo. Find some defense round that does not penetrate walls. Tactical Rifleman has a video where they put a block of ballistic gel representing a bad guy on one side of a wall, and another ballistic gel block on the other side of a wall, representing a family member. I was shocked at just how many defensive rounds killed the family member. Can you say “worst day of my life?”


@Kenneth120. Welcome to the community, train hard and stay safe. :smiley:


Got to thinking, while ammo is expensive and difficult to find, consider picking up extra magazines, or accessories you may have wanted if they are at reasonable prices.
I see 7.62x39 readily available, and not marked up as much as other calibers although it is running double the price as it did a year ago.
Perhaps exploring a new type rifle, an SKS or an AK. Not sure todays prices, guessing $300.00 range, I remember going t other gun store, thet had multiple trash cans loaded with the SKS and AKs both with bayonetts, take your pick for $99.95. And, they thru in a bandoleer of 100 rounds of ammo on stripper clips. Yeh, it took a good day to wash off all the cosmoline, but what a proud weapon when it was cleaned! Wish I knew then what I know now… but at the time I was a full time student and barely scraping by making enough to pay for school and a place to live.
Another option are the old Mauser. Still very cheap to buy, you get HISTORY with it, and ammo is pretty easy to get, just be sure you have a great can opener of tough bayonet to open the sardine cans.
Long winded, but some options.




shotgun, AR and 2 pistols for my wife and me.
Shotgun loaded with #4 buck. AR loaded with 62 gr. soft points.
.45 --230 gr JHP. .40 SW --180gr JHP. Over penetration is something you have to plan to prevent to ensure safety to noncombatants. Make sure of your zones of fire.
3 dobermans and a lab–nobody’s sneaking in.


I have 5 hand guns 4shot guns 2hunting rifles and 1 AR-15 and at least 3 knives with in reach


Not being Snarky, replying with no snark or sarcasm. If I think it’s only one I will use my pistol, 2 or 3 shotgun, 4 + AR-15 and pistol. In all of those situations I am armoring up as well and cutting the power.

The next picture is a joke, do not try this at home. This meme was crafted by professionals on a closed course. No animals were harmed in the making of this meme.



I found a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 2 3/4in #4 shot is a very good house round. Plus the butt off a shotgun can break a nose and a single blow. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


My thought on a HD gun is primarily that I can afford to loose it. I may be overly proficient with my EDC but in the event that I actually use it I am going to loose it for some time. An AR platform of any type is old home week for me and I can afford to loose one if used, same same with a 12 ga. So to that end it would be prudent for you to have another firearm OTHER than your EDC if that is your 9mm. One of the best bangs for the buck out there is the Mossberg Maverick 88, 12 ga, roughly the same action as the Mosberg 5XX series but cheaper. The Remington 870 Express is also a budget priced gun with full features, I happen to know that the middle of one of the vent ribs comes in at 20" should you and a hacksaw get friendly. The trouble now is finding ANYTHING and then feeding it.




For the record. I meant to say 2 3/4 in 00buck #4 is a good home defense shot.


I have the pistols, my AR’s which I consider primary, and my trusty Remington 870 12 gauge. I feel like each weapon has it’s own unique capabilities given situations that may arise.

Whichever is primary or secondary, be as skilled and practiced with them all as you can be. Any of them can save your family and yourself.


I agree. My shotgun patterns well at SD distances with #1 Buck. I consider that load as primary inside the house, assuming I end up utilizing the 870.