Home-Defense Shotgun Accessories

The shotgun is a great option for home defense. While we don’t want to accessorize to the point of confusion, here are some accessories that one of our bloggers is recommending:


What accessories do you have for your shotguns?


Is this post being overlooked for some reason? I personally don’t shoot shotguns… too much kick. I also have an African Grey Parrot companion in my apartment and while if I had to use a hand gun to defend myself in the middle of the night (or day) it might scare him to death, I think a shotgun would be louder and would definitely send him into the nether worlds. Wouldn’t want that to happen.

It was just posted yesterday, @NJStraightShooter, I think it hasn’t been seen yet.

My uncle has a grey parrot- his just turned 30! How old is yours?

Merlin will be 15 years old on April 17th. His hatch date is one day after my dad’s Birthday. Unfortunately my father, nor my step-father, is with us anymore but this is a nice reminder.

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I don’t have any accessories on my shotgun. I should probably get a light on it…


@James, Yes, I would do that. I have lights on my Glock 9mm and .40 which I don’t need if I carry a flashlight. But on my AR, which is like carrying a shotgun, in which you need both hands on the gun, a mounted light would help clear an area at night when you don’t have that hand free.

Yeah, I’ve been looking at weapon mounted lights and doing a little research. I don’t want anything cheap.

@James Mine is a Raybek Outdoor TL1000 and Amazon has some for $65 right now.

I’m going to keep looking and for now I’ll just keep leaving lights on strategically in the house. I also sleep with a flashlight and handgun next to the bed. Primarily what my plan is, is to just stay in my bedroom and wait in a corner to take advantage of the fatal funnel my hallway and doorway create and call the cops. That fatal funnel in my doorway is the safest place for my neighbors if I shoot as well. I share walls in my condo.

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@James I have the same issue here in my apartment. If I am in my bedroom and leave the door open but staged behind my tall dresser, I can see our entry door, which is heavily braced, and IF someone makes it in that far, that is as far as they will get.

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I saw some frangable shotgun shells for sale once. I was wondering how those work for penetration, but just decided to know my target and what’s beyond. There is nothing in my house worth the lives of my neighbors. Good on you for realizing that as well!

I don’t currently own a shotgun, but probably will in the future. When I do get one, I think this accessory would be ideal!



Very true. Personally I think the chainsaw may be a bit much. I’d much rather go this route.


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You guys are the best! LOL!

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Nah, I’ll take this


Geneva Convention says that’s a no go my friend :laughing:


It’s a shotgun why need accessories. Maybe a flash light that’s it in a home invasion shot gun will be just fine pointing and shooting. No real need to aim. Old saying if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a shotgun then you probably shouldn’t be shooting a gun.

I have a 2 shot mag extension and a carrier for a few extra shells on mine. Still looking for a sling, not sure what kind I want. I have a light for it, took it off, still on the fence as far as lights on guns. Not saying it is wrong, just not sure if I want one.

I have a tactical flashlight on my 12 GA it’s a torch or a strobe light. Very small and compact but very effective.

< ? : Bandolier + shotgun (cover*line of fire)/cellphone = time for LEOs to arrive.
(A water bottle for the operator might be a good add too.)