What Has Our Government been Doing?

    September 11, 2001, a/k/a, 9/11, was a day that we were not to forget. March 18, 2020, is a day that I sit at home listening to our government officials and trying to make sense of all of this. I mention 9/11 because today I think of how our government has let us down. What has Congress been doing for 19 years? Worrying about taking guns and ammo away from law abiding citizens. Impeaching our President over nothing? 
     I would have thought that the leadership in this Country would have prepared this Nation for the aftermath of an attack. But no. They have done no preparedness. Yes, perhaps we have stepped up our defense readiness for a nuclear attack and terrorism but experts have said it is a question of time before someone gets through and there is another attack. Yes, even a biological attack was contemplated. But again, I sit here and realize that Congress has done nothing to protect us. There has been no preparedness - the food chain is in complete shambles. Basic supplies are dwindling. All of a sudden there is awareness that our drug supply is dependent on China and India. Forget the coordination and activation of any emergency medical protocol for our great Country.
      Congress and leaders from both parties have let us down. We can't blame Trump for everything. Where have the Senators and Congressman who have been in office for years and years been. There is no National plan for what we are going through now.  Unbelievable! These politicians should be embarrassed and not show their faces in public. Yes, take away our ability to self-defend with the but sit back and do nothing about predictable attacks on our nation, such as a virus. I get that we can't have a vaccine for everything and enough respirators for everyone. However, maybe they could have gotten off their behinds and have contingency plans in place to deal with what we are going through now. Not one member of Congress should be re-elected.
       Yes, I am angry but now I have to go to the supermarket and try to find some canned food to feed to my family.

Each political party has been too busy demonizing the other sides President.

I remember a time when compromise and the ability to “work with the opposition” got you elected. Now it gets you “tarred and feathered”.


I think there is to much dependency on the "Government’ to fix things. We need to rely more on ourselves and each other. :+1:


@Clement1, these words could apply to every single Country of the World. Nobody was prepared for this.
For me there is no reason to blame anyone. Instead of looking for guilty people, let us just stand strong.

Look at Italy - in my opinion this is the only country where people can blame Government .


Disaster preparation is the 800 lb gorilla in the room. When everything is going fine nobody has money to invest in “stuff” that sits on a shelf. When crap goes down everybody want’s to know where the reserve stocks are. It is even worse when a relatively “small” event occurs and is publicized when “significant” events occur EVERY year and are dismissed as “Normal”. I reference the “Normal” Flu season in the US which THIS year has infected 60 MILLION people and KILLED 18,000.

As for reaction to THIS virus. The gov’t always prepares to fight the “last” war. So the last virus that got this much coverage was the Ebola crisis which was a blood event not a respiratory event, so wrong prep.

The news media has more to do with the hysteria than any other single factor and you see it EVERY TIME there is a Hurricane. This is just on a bigger scale.

I will admit I got caught a little short for this event as far as some supplies and I am re-evaluating my “bunker stocks” but if you are a shopping trip from starving, you’re doing it wrong.




When I mentioned I was short. I was short for me. Most people would be content at what I had on hand. The thing that concerns me, isn’t the Governments lack of preparation, that’s sort of my default position on the idea of Government handling anything.

What concerns me is the way the MSM plays it. That’s what causes people to panic. Panicked people do dangerously stupid things.